10 Things about Right Now...

(A girl can have her fantasies, can't she?!)

I'm a little frosty and frozen, but I'm still alive!! **Waving**

We have about 5" of snow on the ground and really cold temps! But this weekend we're supposed to see 40 degrees so I'll be thawing out...Temporarily (until it snows again Mon. & Wed!)

Hmm. Lots of things going on in my head and in my world. Guess I'll give you the low-down sorta Kate style, with a lovely list of Random stuff!

1- Hubby has been in India this week on business. Good news - he's coming home Tomorrow a.m. instead of Sunday!

2- Haven't been Miss Perfect on my diet this week. Cramps+Lazy=No workout. Ate some fries at lunch Monday for the first time in forever. Funny...the scale says I weigh 2 lbs less. Hmm? Okay!

3. Been watching movies online at watch-movies dot net. Something to do while MH is away and cheaper than going to the theater! Saw 4 Xmases, and House Bunny.

4. Read about America's Cheapest Family in People magazine this past week. Got their book at the library and am reading about how they feed a family of 5 kids and paid off their home 9 years early on a meager salary. This info may come in handy if I quit my job when Isaac comes home!

5. Speaking of Isaac---he will be exactly 6 months old on Monday 12-15-08! I feel pangs of sentiment and sadness that he's learning and growing...so far away...I'm missing out on little daily milestones! I hope the time flies until we get to go to Korea and bring him home!

6. I can't believe that Xmas is right around the corner! We'll be leaving to do our 1200 Miles in 7 Days journey a week from Saturday!

7. I just don't feel Christmasy...I've not put up a tree, stockings or any indoor decorations. (MH did put up some lighted spiral trees outside and a wreath on the door). I don't think I'm doing Christmas cards this year either. We're trying to only spend on baby needs and the adoption for now...

8. Our Referral Acceptance paperwork was sent to Korea and our approved Orphan Petition to the National Visa Center. We're now waiting on a huge packet of Legal papers from the social welfare agency there. I hope it doesn't arrive while we're gone for Xmas!

9. I've found a FREE online Baby CPR class to take, to help me refresh my skills. Gonna try and finish it over the next few days.

10. Talked to my bloggy friend Andie on the phone last nite. Really made my day! I could hear the smile in her sweet southern voice - she really cheered me up, since I've been home alone this week and with such cold nasty icy/snowy weather. It's really nice to talk to someone who's been there/done that on the adoption front. (I told her how jealous I am of her palm trees...and the armadillos that invade her yard! lol)

What have you all been up to lately? Any good movies, books or happenings in your area?


Andie said...

Girl. I love you. Promise pictures soon. Can you believe it's 40 here today...and there is "wintery mix" in the forecast? HELLOOO it was 70 yesterday. You jinxed me didn't you...*wink*.

Have a great weekend!

I watched Juno last night. It was hilarious. Loved it.

butterflygirl said...

Love Bolt-saw it last weekend-kid's movies are all I see nowadays.

KT said...

i heart you.

i got the package you sent me. how sweet! i love the frame. it's so perfect. and i have just the pic of me and porkchop to put in it.

thank you so, so much. i can't even tell you how much this means to me. you're awesome and i'm so glad that i found you in this crazy blogspehere.

i will send you a proper thank you email shortly. it's been a bit hectic here on my end as usual.

have a great week, babe. xoxo.

Monogram Queen said...

Andie is awesome isn't she? Alabama is definitely on my "bucket" list!

At least you will be getting him before he learns to walk, think of it that way. You will get to see PLENTY but I know what you mean. A sweet infant.. *sigh*


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