Baby Steps to Isaac....

Brrrr! It's cold here. We got about 4 inches of snow between Sunday and Monday. It was really windy and cold and the snow drifted kinda deep in some places.

This morning it's about 17 degrees but sunny. This will be my fourth winter in Illinois...but I'll never get used to it. I really dislike cold weather and snow. *Shudder*

Tomorrow on my day off I have to go and get the first in a series of three vaccination shots for Hepatitis, just to be safe before we travel to South Korea in the spring. I hate shots...but because it's part of my journey to Isaac, I'm gonna grit-n-grin and bear it.

Right after the shots, I have to go to Hubby's office so we can sign a bunch of forms in front of a notary for the referral Acceptance paperwork...then Fed Ex the huge stack of forms, a huge check, and a ton of photos of ourselves, our house and families to our social worker, to be sent on to Korea.

I am going to have to call the Doc's wife (biz manager) and have a talk with her tomorrow afternoon when I'm home. I can't do this from work, because of my nosey, difficult coworker. I have been a bit vague with Mrs. Doc about the travel dates simply because we don't know the exact dates -- the adoption agency lets you know 2 weeks before you have to go. (We'll have some idea when that time is getting closer...as certain documents pass approval by Immigration, etc, but then you get a sudden call to book your flights in two weeks, and scramble to get ready to go).

However I did discuss with Mrs. Doc briefly a few months ago-- that after the baby comes, that I won't be able to work Mon & Tues. till 7:00 p.m. anymore. It will be impossible, as the daycare centers I've checked out here expect you to pick your child up by 5:30 or 6 p.m....and I cannot count on Mr. Hottie for pickups due to his work & travel schedule. The chances of my coworker trading hours with me on Mon/Tues are slim to none...Also the cost of daycare may be almost as much as my part-time pay....so it's looking highly likely that I'm going to quit my job when Isaac arrives. So it's going to boil down to how bad they want me...if they can somehow juggle things so I can work just till 5 p.m. and not work Saturdays when Hubby's out of town, then maybe I can stay. If not...it's Sayanora Suckers! I have some links to a couple of verified-legitimate companies that hire people to telecommute via phone/computer - doing human resources work, insurance claims, customer service, etc. to which I might just submit applications.

I'm sure after I have this conversation with Mrs. Doc...she'll talk to my coworker...and the crap will hit the fan...my coworker will do whatever she can to make me feel guilty, to make my job hell. (Anytime I have vacation time off, as soon as I get back, she dumps a ton of stuff on me, guilt trips etc, and then suddenly takes that week off and has me work 11 hour days to cover her, a 6 day week, etc. It's crazy...but the others notice it and ask "why does she try to punish/get back at you, any time you take an approved vacation?! Because she's a beeyotch! )
Oh well...that may make my decision that much easier....


butterflygirl said...

I'm getting so excited!

Monogram Queen said...

It's getting closer and closer!!!

I'm so happy for you!

I say "good riddance" if you don't HAVE to deal with sh*tty co-worker then don't. I wish I had the option to leave but sadly i'm here to stay and working on my twenty years.

Sarah said...

I really like your blog. I think it is so cool.

Sarah said...

Thank you very much. I don't intend on giving up my dreams. Oh and I was wearing my P.Js in that video. LOL. Well anyway. Thank you tons!

Melissa said...

I think it's amazing that you would be able to quit if it doesn't work out. You can eventually find something to do from home that will accommodate your new schedule with Isaac. That's awesome!!! I'm hoping for a similar outcome once our baby gets here, but as of now it looks more and more like I'll be going back to work... although the thought of leaving this teensy person with someone else while I go to an office makes me cringe and feel instantly sick.


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