There's No Place like Home

Our Christmas trip came and went very fast. This year just wasn't very "christmasy" for me. We drove through some pretty bad weather between Canada and Cincinnati, and then coming home we were stuck on the highway about 2.5 hours in Indiana due to salt trucks holding back traffic due to really icy roads. As usual, didn't get much sleep on the trip....(my father in law is an insomniac who walks the floors all night, and my parents wake daily at 5:00 am)..so all things considered -- I'm SO glad to be home, and back in my own bed.

I can't wait till we get to have our own family Christmas next year with Isaac...here at HOME.

Got a call from our adoption social worker yesterday. They received the legal papers from ES Welfare Society in Korea, and the 2nd endorsement letter from the IL DCFS (Dept child/fam services). This is another couple steps we can mark off the checklist! We're slowly creeping closer to Isaac! The next few things that have to happen before we can travel will be: Receive I-171d from CIS (immigration), baby goes for Visa interview in Korea...Korea issues his P3 packet and Passport. Until then we just wait for our Travel Call....(I'm really learning to be patient, as part of this process!).

Had to work 2 eleven-hour days in a row - yesterday and today, so I'm really tired. Am off until I work my 3 hours on Friday morning, and then have to attend the wedding of the Doc's daughter on Friday nite. (That I'm not that excited about attending...).

Wish I could sleep in on my days off this week. I'd give anything to sleep in...but I know that won't happen. (Hubby wakes and wakes me at the crack of yesterday...always.) I'd kill to sleep till at least 8:30 or 9:00 a.m.

We have no plans for New Year's eve...other than to probably watch a movie on TV and fall asleep on the couch...lol. Damn, we're getting old!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas....and you have a safe, happy New Year.

How do you feel about New Year's Resolutions? If you make them - what are yours for 2009?


Andie said...

I hear ya about the getting old. It's our anniversary, but we have no plans really. Might go out to eat, might not. Just really want to crash at home.

No resolutions. No expectations. I've learned that I must just roll with the punches. But I am writing in my joy journal and I want to keep that up. Thanks to you! Love ya! Maybe I'll call ya on New Year's Eve....Hmmm. We can be OLD together...lol.

butterflygirl said...

Had I been up early, I would have met you somewhere for coffee on your way home instead of being stuck in traffic.

Would like to lose weight, exercise regularly, and get more organized.

Janet said...

It's always good to come home and sleep in my own bed after a trip. I'm glad you made it safe and sound.

No resolutions, just a couple of goals mostly art related.

We're staying home, too. Happy New Year!!!

Ron said...

yeah . see .. TJ and I are planning to use a gift card to go out to eat (early) and settle on the couch to watch a good movie with family .. she says she plans on kissing me at midnight .. and lots before and after

Happy New Year to y'all

Barb said...

Glad you're back safely from your holiday travels and so glad you're a few steps closer to welcoming Isaac into your family!

My NY resolution is to not use "green square" on my camera anymore. I've been working hard to learn more about my camera and really need to commit myself to putting it to use.

Monogram Queen said...

Girl you would have to be patient with the international adoption process, I think i'd chew my fingernails down to finger NUBS.
So happy it is moving forward for you though!

I don't do anything "cool" for New Years anymore either. Don't feel bad.


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