Another Piece of the Puzzle...

Well, another piece of the puzzle was put into place....The puzzle that is this paper-trail and government-approval part of our adoption....We received our form I-171d last night from Chicago CIS (Immigration!). This is the "Approval of Relative Immigrant Visa Petition". This form classifies Isaac as an 'immediate relative' of a US Citizen...and will allow him to apply for a visa to travel home to America!

Funny...CIS told me a week ago, that they didn't receive the application for this, until one month after the date our social worker said it'd been sent and the package was signed for/received by CIS! Also...funny it shows up a week after I e-mailed and pitched a fit....It pays to check on things...and to push!! Whatever works!

One of the gals on the discussion list of waiting families I belong to - posted this timeline, below, of the last steps it took...when they completed their Korean adoption...this gives us an idea of how much longer it might be.

2 weeks to receive our I-171D from CIS (CIS had ours 1 month! But got this yesterday, dated 1-23-09)

1 week for the NVC to receive I-171D & forward it to the Embassy

1 week for the Embassy to send our P3 packet to Eastern*2 weeks for Eastern to return our P3 packet & Embassy to schedule visa interview

1 week from return of P3 packet to visa appointment

4 days from visa appt to travel call

So it sounds like we're on target for the last week of February-first week of March, as originally guesstimated...IF everything goes as it should...and keeps moving. They do only issue a certain number of Visas per month...so hopefully the quota isn't reached already before Isaac's Visa is up for issuance. I'm just praying and keeping my fingers crossed!!!


Melissa said...

What good news!!! This is wonderful! Isaac is almost home. It must feel so good to be one step closer.

Heather said...

Awesome!!!! I cannot wait for my little 2nd cousin Isaac to get here!!!!
Everytime I look at his picture, I just melt & imagine all the precious, sweet moments that you guys will have with him as a family of 3!
I'm so excited for you & Steve that I could burst with happiness. You did it! You busted your butt (literally, lol) to get this beautiful baby boy into your home & into your arms, and with the Grace of God, this is what will happen because it was meant to be!
I love you guys so much & I can't wait to hold my cousin! He is beautiful & you will be an amazing mother Ang!

butterflygirl said...

It's getting close!!!

Monogram Queen said...

I know you are so ready....... praying for Isaac's speedy journey


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