Frigid Temps & Good News!

Well, my blood work came back Normal. The Doc didn't feel any further tests were necessary at this time. Thank God. I'm going to keep focusing on eating well, exercising and listening to my body...in hopes of being around as long as possible for my hubby and Isaac.

We will have another health screening in April, at hubby's office. His insurance company does a blood sugar and cholesterol test and records your weight/BMI every year. They give you $1000 a year off your insurance if you are a non-smoker and stay within limits of fairly good health. Even though there were some concerns last year with hubby's cholesterol, we qualified for the lower insurance rate. I can't wait to see the results this year though -- especially after Hubby's lost 40 lbs, and I've lost almost 30! (Can't wait to see that snarky nurse's face!! Ha!)

It's very very cold here today....was -10 most of the day, and is going to dip to almost -25 degrees overnight!! Tomorrow is going to be more of the same....I dread going out to go work! It's going to start snowing again Saturday and snow non-stop until Monday....we already have about 2 feet of snow on the ground...we don't need any more!

Hubby's plane just landed...he has been in Mexico all week. He had me DVR & save American Idol until he got home...can't wait to snuggle up & watch it!


butterflygirl said...

Yay, for the good news!

Ron said...

it is 2° here in good old KY .. I actually put on a thick long sleeved shirt to go out today ..

glad to hear you are OK

Monogram Queen said...

Very glad to hear this good news!!! Take a pic of snarky nurses face ha ha!!!!!

KT said...

30 pounds. girl, i could not be more proud of you. way to go.


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