Good News!

Well, bless my heart! LOL
Turns out my old ticker is in pretty good shape! Whew!! What a relief!!!

The stress test went rather well. Had the sweetest nurse and ultra-sound technician...both gals talked to me and made me feel really comfortable and even had me laughing. Didn't have to do the I.V. with the dye injection! (YAY!). But did have to have ultra-sounds, echo-cardiograms, and walk the treadmill while they increased the pace and incline rapidly and took my BP every 60 seconds. Whew! At one point they had the treadmill at a 14% incline (it was like climbing a very steep hill).

The tech did comment and point out to the Doc while he was reviewing the results - that one valve didn't quite open all the way....but he said that looked Okay...and overall everything looked Okay. They felt my symptoms were stress, anxiety related. This was a HUGE Relief!!

A brochure came in the mail today at work - for a seminar for health/dental professionals called "Listening to the Body - Understanding the Language of Stress Related Symptoms" . Apparently stress can REALLY wreak havoc on your body---more so than I really realized, I guess...it can cause illness like colds, flu, allergies, wide spread physical pain, skin disorders, GI tract problems, inflammation, even mess with your immune system...the list goes on and is unreal. This website - HelpGuide - also goes into detail with all the things stress can do to a person...and ways to deal with it.

I read that alot of stress comes from suppressed feelings of anxiety, anger, and emotional exhaustion...and many people don't even realize they are having these feelings...until they begin having physical pain and mystery illnesses.

So, my mission is this....work on recognizing my feelings...and how to deal with them, and not internalizing, denying or ignoring them....I'm going to try some relaxation and things to help me De-stress....(I think I'm going to treat myself to a massage!) and continue my efforts to be as healthy as I can be---eat right, exercise, sleep well, and trying to keep a positive attitude.


Apple said...

I am glad that you went ahead and did the test to put your mind at ease. That would have caused more stress in the long run.
Have fun in Chicago today!!

TammyJ said...


I am so glad to hear your heart is ok.. I always knew it was a great heart but glad to know it is physically ok as well.. Take care of yourself.. I can tell you from raising 4 kids they bring their own brand of stress but that stress is worth every minute of it. Go get that massage girl enjoy...

Love you


Nicole said...

ooo...a massage! That sounds like fun. I'm glad everything is healthy!

Monogram Queen said...

VERY glad to hear your good news!!!


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