I'm in Retro Heaven!

Last weekend we decided to take a stroll through the local antique mall. I was looking for some type of vintage little container I could use to store Q-tips for my bathroom. Well, I never did find just the right piece for that. But...we did happen upon this fabulous find, below.

1950's Vintage Room Divider

(Click to Enlarge)

We instantly fell in love! It's a 1950's Portable Room Divider. It was designed to be used to divide areas of large rooms....it has sliding doors that you can open to access the bottom cabinet on either side....but we like it here...We got it for a song...and we love it!! It looks so cool in our living room....just goes perfectly with our mix of retro/vintage and modern stuff and all the 'blonde' wood furniture.

My Fab Living Room
(Click To Enlarge)

I'm in Retro-Love!! Now I just need to find a few more vintage decor items to display on the shelves....Am hoping to hit another local antique market this weekend and see if I can find some funky retro bargains!

Have you found any cool stuff in your travels lately?? Got Pics? Do share a link or two!

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KT said...

i love your living room! so airy and comfy and cool. just you!

Monogram Queen said...

You know I loves the Retro! Very happy about your find!!!

zane said...

Wow that is fantastic!! find more Modern Retro Furniture from Casamodern.


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