The Land of Confusion

We're in the "home stretch" of our adoption process, and the waiting and wondering is brutal. I feel like we're floating somewhere out in space....some days it feels like the black hole!

I belong to a Yahoo discussion group with a bunch of other gals who are also "Waiters"...in various stages of their adoptions with our same agency and another popular international adoption agency. A great majority are adopting from South Korea, as we are. They often discuss their 'timeline' and status of their paperwork process...and have reference documents on the site available so you can follow along and see where you are on this journey based upon the paper trail and (hundreds) of steps to complete the adoption, and phone numbers so you can call the various agencies and check on the status of your child's case. Some gals have had issues with the Gov't agencies (No, really?! With our Government?!) missing paperwork, or things being sent to the incorrect office, or backlogged on someone's desk...

So I've been making some calls, and I feel I'm getting nowhere fast. It may be a little too soon, or I may be a little confused about the chronological order of the last few steps.....but it's frustrating! I've emailed today the Chicago CIS (immigration office), our social worker, and posted to the "Waiters list" -- hoping one of the gals who have completed their adoption recently can clarify the process and make me feel a little better.

Here's the timeline of the recent events -- and the Land of Limbo, where it feels we now Reside...

Referral of Baby Isaac Rc'd: Monday November 23, 2008

Adoption Agency "guesstimated" travel date to come around end of February?

12-3-08 Rc'd 171h (Approval of I600a - Advance Processing of Orphan Petition)

12-5-08 (estimate) Agency sent papers to ESWelfare in Korea

Dec 9, 2008: Rc'd letter with #SEO-- Case number stating NVC Rec'd1600a and it was sent to US Embassy in Seoul.

12-29-09(approx) SW called to say she rc'd legals from ESWelfare in Korea and 2nd DCFS IL Endorsement.

1-8-09: Called Nat'l Visa Center--They had No Record of Our Case#

1-8-09: Called Embassy. They showed electronic file in computer, but no paperwork received. No Visa interview set up. They knew nothing more than that.

1-21-09: Called Nat'l Visa Center again - No Record of Case#.

1-21-09: Called Embassy again - Same as above. She asked me if we had received a P3 yet or had our agency? That it would be sent, with moreforms to complete, then when returned P4 will be issued with Visa interview date. (I was under the impression that the P3 Packet was something issued between the Gov't and ESWelfare? Not something sent to us?!! I'm confused!)

So until I hear something from our social worker, CIS or someone from the yahoo group...I remain in the land of confusion and limbo. However...I keep reminding myself two things---At least we're not facing a wait of 4-6 years that we would have for China....it's only going to be 30-45 more days hopefully....AND we've waited since March....a little longer isn't going to KILL us...We've come this far!! God grant me patience!


KT said...

it's almost over, babe. a little while longer and then you'll have your baby boy in your arms. that's just incredible. you're doing awesome so far. just hang in there.

Andie said...

As if it isn't enough, right? When it rains it pours.....I know it's hard.

Thinking about ya babe!

nicole said...

Hang in there girl! It's downhill from here. I'll be thinking about you.

Monogram Queen said...

OMG that would be so freakin' hard! You are in my prayers. "God grant her patience, but grant it QUICK!"~


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