Listen to your Heart

Sometimes life has little ways of reminding you about what's important...and about staying on the good path....

Monday evening I had chest pains or cramps outta nowhere, for a couple hours. Then they started up again yesterday morning. This really worried me, given my history of weight issues, and being an ex-smoker, and our upcoming adoption....so I got in to see the Doc yesterday morning right away.

She ran an EKG and that looked okay...so she ran a few blood tests, to check for elevated enzyme levels that would tell her if it was heart-related. She said she really felt it was muscular, and I should take it easy for a few days, use some ibuprophen. She told me to quit carrying such a big purse...lol (Hubby says it's my "Purse-Related-Injury"...I hope that's all). Currently, I am waiting to hear back about the blood tests....

This was really weird timing.....I just got an email from my friends back in Ky...to let me know that the 37 year old sister of my friend A.C. just died from an apparent heart attack. She'd went to the doctor, complaining of chest pain, difficulty breathing. Her doc did an EKG, and listened to her heart, and said all seemed fine. However, a week later, she started having the problems again...and her fiancee' called 911....she passed away before the ambulance reached the hospital. Come to find out, A.C. also had a heart attack at that same age. She's now 42, like me. I am so sad for A.C. and her family...and the news also makes me a little paranoid.

I think I'm going to ask the Doc when she or her nurse calls about the blood tests, if I shouldn't be having a stress test or further diagnostics, just to be safe. You can't be too careful when it comes to your health.

All this has me thinking about all the years I didn't take care of myself as well as I should have...poor diet, drinking alcohol, smoking, high stress levels. It also reminds me to stay on track with all the lifestyle and healthy changes I've made recently. I sure hope it's not too late!

Please visit the American Heart Association website. Learn the warning signs of heart attack and stroke. Learn ways you can reduce your risk. Take care of you....Love your heart...it's the only one you've got. Don't wait.


Melissa said...

WOW. OK, I'm SO glad you listened to your body. I really hope you get the "all-clear" very, very soon!

KT said...

oh wow that is so ironic and sad. i'm sorry to hear about your friend's sister. but i am glad to hear that you are taking such good care of yourself now. that's what is important. keep it up babe. everything will be fine. xoxo.

butterflygirl said...

Keep us posted-hope the results are good.

Monogram Queen said...

I am so sorry for your friends loss and you are right - we need to listen to our bodies. My family has lots of heart related issues.


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