Mmm Berrylicious!

My latest Concoction....My Berrylicious Smoothie!

I sorta improvised and made up this recipe...and it works really well! It's only 4 points on Weight Watchers...and makes a great breakfast...or dessert...or an anytime treat! It's a nice way to get a serving of fruit, some fiber, milk and protein on the go!

The recipe is:
1 Cup of mixed berries (Mine were Red Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Strawberries)
1- 6oz Container of Weight Watchers Yogurt (says "1 Point" on front) - Mixed Berry flavor
1/2 Cup skim milk
1/2 cup crushed ice

Put all in the blender for about 1-2 minutes and serve! Entire batch is 4 points...or split it into 2 servings and share.

I also did a Strawberry smoothie -- just use 1 cup chopped strawberries and strawberry flavored yogurt. You could substitute with any type of fruit really, and change the flavor of yogurt to suit. (If you change to a different brand of yogurt, the WW point value will change--Other brands of low-fat or fat free 4-6 oz. yogurts are often a WW Point value of 2...so your smoothie would be 5 points total).
Do you have any recipes that you've sorta concocted or made-up yourself, that are amazingly fast, easy, and healthy? (Not to mention yummy?!) Care to share??


Melissa said...

Now I'm hungry!!!

I like a couple heaping spoonfuls of plain Greek yogurt, whatever fruit I have in the fridge, some walnuts, and honey. It's great protein and the fruit and nuts are antioxidant-rich.

But now all I want is your smoothie!!

Apple said...

I love smoothies!!!

Janet said...

I always start with plain non-fat yogurt and a banana. Then I add whatever fruit I have on hand, either fresh or frozen, and maybe a little soy milk to loosen it all up. I could live on smoothies!

TammyJ said...

Hello my beautiful friend..

I would share with you my fav smoothie recipe but you have a dislike for my main ingredient and it doesn't taste the same without banana's.. but I love ya anyway..miss you much..


Monogram Queen said...

No "banana" smoothie! *snicker*


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