New Year - Blog Resolution?

I just caught a snippet of Patti's recent post and it got me thinkin' about my own blog...and how blah it's become...or how blahhhh I've become.

So, I thought to myself - it's January. Wonder what my blog looked like a year ago...2 years ago? So I got to reading back into my own archives...I looked at
January 2008....and January 2007...read some of the posts. Wow...they certainly had more interesting subject matter. They were a bit more humorous...and contained a lot of my own original photography. G'head...if you have the time, check out my archives...see what you think.

What happened? Perhaps it's like a relationship...sometimes, you get too comfortable...take it for granted, that it'll always be there. You sorta go into auto-pilot mode...don't put as much chivalry or effort into it...and one day realize it's gotten stale. You're in a rut. Maybe even a little burned-out. You realize you need a way to spice things up. Rekindle the passion....Maybe I need a Blog-Therapist...Blog-Counseling...lol. Is there such a thing? *chuckle*

I thank those of you who've kept reading and visiting over the past 3 years...thanks for hanging in there. I know some were bored and fell into a coma, therefore stopped commenting and visiting.

So, perhaps a New Year's Blog-Resolution is in order. I'm not vowing to post daily, as some out there do...that's not realistic for me. However, it's my desire to improve on content. Perhaps get out there and visit a couple new blogs a week, catch up with other bloggers I've lost contact with. Make it interesting again.

Your ideas, suggestions, feedback, and/or comments are welcomed...


Andie said...

I too seems to be in a lull....

Perhaps we have the winter drearies.

You will have plenty to write about soon...and NO time to write about it!

KT said...

i love your blog just the way it is! have a great weekend, babe.

Janet said...

I think your blog is just fine as it is. You're sharing what's happening in your life right now and that's exciting!!

I've been going through the same feelings about my own blog. I'm not sure what happened but I need to shake things up a bit and get myself back in the groove. Mostly I think "life" happened. I don't know how some bloggers do all the things they do and still keep a blog going! I guess I'm not very good at scheduling my time.

butterflygirl said...

We all got through this-You'll have lots to blog about when Issac is here!


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