Me, Stressed?!

Today, I'm going for a stress test at the hospital.

Over the last couple weeks, I've still had some chest discomfort, some tingling in my hands/feet, and arm pain....I asked the doc if we could just go ahead and do a stress test to see if it's my heart or what's happening.

My doc says she kinda thinks it's anxiety...I'm not sure. I don't feel real stressed...the only anxiety and stress I've had really---is worrying about these symptoms! I keep playing "What If"....knowing we're about to adopt a baby, and fly 14 hours to South Korea very soon...just hate to think I might have a health issue and be in a foreign country....or worse, health issues cause me to not make the trip?!

I just want to check it out and ease my mind...given my past history of smoking, poor nutrition and weight issues...If it's not heart related...wondering why I would be having these weird nagging symptoms...especially after losing 30 lbs, improving my eating, exercising...etc. ?!

I'm not looking forward to the I.V. with dye running through my body....every time I've ever had an I.V. they blow or roll my veins and have to do it 4 times. Ugh. Other than that, I have no qualms about running the treadmill, or anything else. Oh well....will have to just get through it. I'm gonna just keep thinking---this is for Isaac....to make sure his mommy is in good shape to come to Korea and bring him home!!


Nicole said...

I've never had a stress test done before. Good Luck! Wait...can you wish someone luck on a test like that? Oh, well! :)

Michelle said...

I hope everything turns out O.K. When my blood pressure suddenly started reading high at the doctor's(after years of it being too low), the nurse kept saying "I think you are just stressed out" and I remember thinking "Well I don't FEEL stressed out". After the fourth or so time I was like "I am NOT stressed out. Quit saying that"! Which of course, stressed me out. LOL.

You'll be in my thoghts.

Monogram Queen said...

Wishing you the best honey! Try to relax (I know easier said, than done)


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