13 Random Things on Friday the 13th

27 Popular Good Luck Charms...some days I feel like I need 'em all.

1. I have 8 actual working days left between now and Feb. 24th....Eight. Then, I quit! Goodbye to the Beastly psyChOWorker! Woohoo!

2. We hired a gal to replace me. She seems pretty nice. She did a 'working interview' with us last Monday. Didn't seem as computer literate as her resume stated...but think she has potential to learn.

3. Went to the library for some more books on baby care today. New library...old books...card catalog shows books on shelf, but they aren't. Bummer. Did get 2 books..not the ones I really wanted.

4. USCIS Called the NVC for me finally. They received our case, processed it and sent it on to Korea on 1-28-09. Why no one could ever figure that out and just tell me that when I called and emailed, I will never know. Our fine government at work.

5. Spent 2 hours yesterday trying on clothes in my closet...pulled about about 70 items that are way too big. Gonna donate most, and have some altered. (yes, 70! I have a closet the size of a small room)

6. It's amazing when you lose 30 lbs the stuff you have to replace. Gotta buy new underwear...gonna wait on skirts and shorts...might lose more before it's warm enough to wear em. Even my shoes are loose! Never thought I had fat feet. They're just more boney now.

7. Gearing up to become a full-time Domestic Diva. Been researching household management and menu planning websites. Over at Epicurious they have Weekly Dinner Planners and found the awesome blog SimpleMom.

8. Been clipping coupons like mad lately...shopping at Cheapo grocery stores...on a mission to reduce spending. Even buying Wally-world brand soft drinks (I'm boycotting my beloved Diet Coke...over $4 for a 12 pack is highway robbery!). Anyone have any tips, ideas?

9. Been watching episodes of Kath & Kim online lately. It's my recent guilty pleasure. It's so simpleminded, it's hilarious. Love the Wynonna episode!

10. Recently had a photo of mine featured on an online Chicago Travel Guide website. They found me via Flickr. That was pretty cool!

11. Have kinda hit a plateau with my weight loss lately. Need to try some new workouts, something different. Oh, and stop sneaking an extra snack now and then... What's your favorite workout or exercise DVD?

12. Thinking of selling a few clothing items on Ebay. Last go round, lots sold...some didn't. Do any of you buy clothes off Ebay? What do you think?

13. Gotta work tomorrow...on Valentines Day. Gonna hit WW early, go to work, and then afterward Mr. Hottie and I are gonna do lunch and a movie as our date. Woohoo!

Whew...There...hope your eyeballs didn't fall out...or you didn't fall asleep and fall outta your chair and hurt yourself...


Ron said...

ok ..

4 .. glad you got info .. whew .. like pulling teeth .. (pun intended)

10 .. sweet !!

12 .. yes I have .. I find that most people that offer clothes on ebay are very conscientious about it ..

13 .. sucks .. TJ and I will be auditioning at 2:02 and 2:04

14 .. love ya

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Great list. I've bought stuff off ebay before but for me I really have to try stuff on to know if it works for me. Kids clothes are mostly what I used to buy from ebay. They wear everything for about two seconds before they need a new size anyway (and then you can sell their hardly worn clothes on ebay and then buy them new stuff) It's a great way to save money.

Thanks for stopping by and following. I appreciate it!

me said...

Enjoy your last kid free Valentines! I can't believe you lost 30lbs, that is awesome and I so wish I could. Well done!

Ron said...

requested video posted

butterflygirl said...

I give you credit for drinking generic pop-I can't do it.

Monogram Queen said...

When I lost over 100 lbs I sold all of my "big girl" clothes on eBay. It worked out pretty well for me. Congrats on everything... keep it up chick!


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