Email from an Angel

It's as if my prayers have been answered. An angel from the National Visa Center sent me an email today.

They responded to my request to research our case - to see why the US State Dept/Embassy could not find where they'd ever received our case file - although Chicago USCIS and the NVC showed it'd been processed and forwarded on.

The NVC's email provided a Corrected case number. They didn't specify whether the original case number we were given in writing was incorrect or if they had replaced it with the new case number...but suggested I contact the US State Dept/Embassy and follow up, using this new number.

When I called the US State Dept. today, a nice lady pulled up the new case number and said "Oh yes, I see here that it has been received and fully processed. The P3 Packet has been sent to Korea (to the E.S. Welfare - the Korean adoption agency). They should be scheduling your child's Visa interview very soon". I found myself in tears of joy and overwhelmed with grattitude to the Lord for hearing my prayers!

So, at this point...we could be looking at just a few weeks before we go to Korea! I will just need to check back with the US State Dept. to see if the Visa Interview has been scheduled...once that happens, things should move along!


Ron said...

sweet, Darlin

All things in His time

Love ya

Andie said...


*tears of joy*

Melissa said...

We are totally going to bring babies home at the same time. I just feel it! THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!

Barb said...

This is great news!
One step closer!

Janet said...

Yay!! Isaac is almost here!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

What wonderful news! I can't wait to read the official travel post!

Monogram Queen said...

Hmmm better get busy!


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