Today is a pivotal day in my life. Today is all about change....Endings and Beginnings.

Today is my last day at work. As of 7:01 p.m. tonight, I will no longer be employed. I'm quitting my job of 3 years to stay home and be a mommy....although, we have not gotten that phone call to travel to S. Korea yet, to bring our baby boy home....we are hoping it will be very soon! There are people and things I will really miss...but some I won't.

Hubby said goodbye to his 3 cats last night and took them to their new home. It was a difficult decision...but with his hectic travel schedule and a new baby coming, we felt it might be best for them to be in a home where they were the center of attention. A very nice animal-loving gal who works with a local humane society is taking them. We know they're in good hands.

Soon, a precious baby will come into our lives, and forever change everything. Everything. It's exciting, scary, a little sad, happy, bittersweet, and joyous all at the same time. Good bye to our old life, old selves, old ways. Hello to everything new!

My whole life has been about change. Sometimes I think maybe more than is normal. In my early 20's I married, moved from OH to KY. Spouse struggled with opening a business. We changed apartments a lot. I changed jobs a lot. Then in my 30's I began college. Attended the funerals of my grandma and a friend from college, and two employers. Attended a few weddings. Graduated college. Put dog to sleep. Marriage fell apart. Divorced and moved, leaving another dog behind. Eventually got remarried. Got a new dog. Inherited 3 cats. Left my job of 13 years, moved to IL. Moved to another home 18 months later...returned to church and my faith...and now adopting a child, big lifestyle change in eating/exercising and losing over 30 lbs, quitting my job, and losing 3 cats. I wonder where all this registers on the 'richter scale' of Change & Stress?! There is actually a test for this - one can be seen at this page on Life Changes & Stress

All in all, I have to say, I have lived a full life so far. I've had perhaps more than a fair share of trials, difficulties and challenges...but I've also had very many blessings, so much love and friendship along the way.

Many say that everything happens for a reason, and the challenges and changes we face are all part of the plan, for our journey of learning, and growing that God has mapped out for us. So while today is a bit of a sad and bittersweet day, I look forward to what is in store for the future.

Today marks an Ending of sorts....but also a very important Beginning.


Melissa said...

Lots of beginnings. Beginnings with capital "B"s.


sincerelykate said...

definitely lots of changes, but it all led to this. what was meant to be.

Monogram Queen said...

Yes life IS all about changes.. but yours are good right now. I am sad about hubby giving up his cats but glad you took care to see they went to a good home.

nicole said...

Change is beautiful. It's sad that your hub had to give up his kitties, but I'm sure they will be fine.
Happy Friday!

Michele said...

Hey there! Just found your blog and am new to blogging myself. Wow! What a lot of change! A few years back I had one year where my grandmother died, 9-11 happened, my daughter got engaged/married/had a baby, my mother died, I quit my job to start my own business, I moved and my grandfather died! I'll have to go to that link you provided and take the test! Hope you get that call soon!


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