Half a World Away....

Still feeling in limbo....Chicago USCIS (immigration) supposedly sent our paperwork to the National Visa Center (NVC) in New Hampshire three weeks ago...but every time we call or email the NVC, they claim they have no record of receiving anything. I have a feeling that our case is stuck on someone's desk in a huge pile of backlog or something. I've emailed our adoption agency's director, to see if she has any idea of how long this piece of the huge confusing puzzle should take and what her thoughts are.....
For now, we wait.
And Wait.

And Wait.

I found this adoption poem below, online, written by Jill Work. Her words spoke exactly what is in my heart. I couldn't have said it better...

Half A World Away

Half a world away
Sometimes it seems we're so far apart
But a half a world away
Is not too far for a journey of the heart

My little one, my precious joy
I'm waiting for you
My precious son, my little boy
I know you're waiting too

Half a world away
A child waits for a family of his own
While a half a world away
A family waits to come bring him home

My little one, my precious joy
I'm whispering a prayer
My precious son, my baby boy
I hope to soon be there

Half a world away
So many miles to bring you home at last
And half a world away
So many months of waiting are past.

My little one, my precious joy
You're fin'ly home to stay
My precious son, my little boy
We celebrate this day...

Knowing we will no longer be half a world away.

Copyright words and music 1999 Jill Marshall-Work

Jill Work wrote this poem for her son-to-be Quinn, while he was 33 mos. old and waiting in Can Tho, Vietnam. It was sung at his baptism. Jill is the adoptive mother of two children. Used with permission from the website ComeUnity.Com -- check out the links below:


Monogram Queen said...

I know it has to be hard as hell but just think of the stories you will be able to tell your sweet boy one day....... he will know how much you yearned for him... how wanted he is!

Andie said...

Awww babe. So hard to be in limbo, he will be so loved and SOOOO spoiled once he comes home. I know it's hard, so hard. But you know it will be worth every boulder you have to climb.

Love you!

Nicole said...

What a beautiful poem! I love how poetry can show feelings so strongly. I hope that you won't have to wait for too much longer.
Stay Strong!

me said...

That is a lovely poem! I can understand your frustrations but before you know it, that beautiful boy will be in your arms. I am so excited for you!

butterflygirl said...

Hang in there girl.


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