Oh Yeah?! Well, Haiku to You! #1

It's Friday afternoon....what better time for some Haiku?

The Visa Center
Is Driving Me Crazy.
Wish They Had a Clue.


Thank God It's Friday.
Baby Shower At The Church.
Good Food Friends And Fun.


The Temps Are Rising.
The Snow is Melting Again.
Beware, It Comes Back.


Just Three More Weeks.
Freedom From the Psycho B*tch.
And New Life Begins.


PMS Is Tough.
Chocolate Eases The Pain.
The Scale Doesn't Lie.

There's my Friday Haiku....How 'Bout You? Wanna join in? If so, post a link to your Blog and your Haiku Post...be sure to include a link back to me! :-)

Wanna see how creative and funny y'all can be...heheh...this could be a fun regular RetroGirl Friday MeMe, perhaps.


Apple said...

I just posted some Haikus on my blog. Go check them out if you want.

Michelle said...

Hee! That was funny. I never was good at Haikus so I don't think I will attempt one at the moment. But yours was very good!

Monogram Queen said...

I have always loved haikus!!! Fun!


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