Six Fast Things...

Don't have much time this A.M. - So here's the latest Scoop--

1---We had a super FAB time this past weekend in Chicago! A post will be coming, with some pics for you....soon! I just have to say-- OMG it was a weekend of pure indulgence!!

2---Doc's wife has been conducting interviews at work, to replace me...since I'll be quitting my part-time job soon. She told me yesterday that she's having a very difficult time replacing me - that none of the candidates seem to quite measure up to me. What a nice compliment! (But I'm not staying! Isaac will be my #1 priority!!)

3---My beastly co-worker has been on turbo-whining-jag...keeps whining that she's worried she won't get her (repeated) vacations in this year, because I'm leaving and they'll have a new person. She keeps trying to give me a guilt trip over my decision to quit. Well, sorry...pardon me for having a life!! Not my problem! Me leaving a lousy 3-day-a-week part-time job and her not getting to take off every other week is miniscule and incidental compared to the chance for me to have a baby and a whole new life filled with love and joy!!!

5---Waiting for an email response from the National Visa Center on the status of Isaac's Visa interview...they should've received our approved I-171d form recently, and sent it on to the US Embassy in Seoul. Hope it comes soon!

6---Our church is having a shower for us this Friday night...it's going to be a potluck dinner, family fun/game night and shower all rolled into one. I am looking forward to a fun evening!

Well, gotta get ready to go to work...and listen to the psyChOWorker whine and moan all day. Whatever! I've got a certain precious little boy on my mind...and in my heart! THE COUNTDOWN CONTINUES! :-)


me said...

I have emailed you several times with my blog but I don't think you got it, so follow my link, I am not ignoring you I promise!!

So glad that everything is going well and that Isaac should be with you soon, I can't wait! And I am glad you won't have to work with that beastly woman anymore!!


Monogram Queen said...

Counting down with ya and how about smirking at psycho co-worker once - just for me!

butterflygirl said...

How exciting, a shower-have fun!

Apple said...

Keep your eyes/heart on the prize and don't worry about that selfish old co-worker of yours.


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