Waiting is Killing Me....

Waiting is hard.
I'm still working on that Patience thing.

As you may have read...I finally found out that the National Visa Center (NVC) did in fact receive our file, process it and mail it on to the State Dept/Embassy in Seoul Korea. I was told recently that this happened on 1-28-09.

Today in talking with the State Dept. - I was told that the NVC actually documented in the computer system that they sent it to Seoul back on December 9, 2008!! The State Dept. says they do not show the physical file there yet, or logged in.

They assured me that this is not unusual, however. Despite the fact that some other people's cases get mailed and somehow seem to show up there in a few weeks or a month, it REALLY CAN take 2 months to get from the NVC in New Hampshire USA over to Seoul South Korea...because the NVC stacks these cases up, till they have enough to fill a box. They then ship the box regular mail overseas...and being a government package, it must go through Customs...and this can slow it down, before it gets to its destination...

But--the State Dept. gal told me once all that happens and it gets to its destination--things should speed up and go pretty quickly...they'll process it immediately, send the P3 Packet to the social worker at the Korean adoption agency...she'll use that to apply for the travel visa and passport, and once that's done then she'll let our social worker know the baby's ready to travel...and we'll get the call.

So the State Dept. told me to call back again next week. They think the file will show up as logged into the system, very soon. If it doesn't they will start trying to investigate as to why it is not there and how to 'fix it'. She said to keep calling, and calling.

I'm so sick of hearing "We Don't Have Anything. Call Back Next Week"!

Emailed our agency to ask if this is normal for files to seem to disappear between government agencies...and for no one to seem to know where they are, or why....

So, still we wait. And wait. And wait.

And Isaac keeps getting older...developing, growing, attaching to his foster mom.

I'm gonna give it up to the Lord and trust that He will get us there. Somehow. Someday.


Janet said...

It must be so frustrating! Any time I have to deal with official government stuff it drives me crazy!!

Hang in there. The wait will be worth it the first time you get to hold that little guy.

Ron said...

it reminds me of two posters I have seen in my life ..
the first is of two vultures sitting on a branch .. it says, "Patience my butt, I'm gonna kill someone!"
the second said, "God grant me patience, but DO IT NOW!!!"

hang in there kiddo ..

Oh yeah .. I published a book of poetry .. check out my blog for details

Love you guys

Apple said...

Everything will be okay real soon. When you finally get to hold the little guy in your arms you will forget about all this waiting.

Andie said...

Oh babe. I wish I could snap my fingers for you and it would be over. I have been thinking about you a lot the last couple of days, you must be needing the extra prayers. Keep the faith.

I love ya.

M said...

I was like this waiting for Ned to be born, I just wanted him here. But you are going to have a lifetime together and it will all be worth the wait.

Periapex said...

I'm crossing my fingers, but I'm sure things will happen before you know it.

I expect that you'll go MIA from the internet once everything happens.

Melissa said...

Grrrrrr! Oh, I'm sorry you have to go through this frustration. He'll be home soon... but the waiting has got to wear on you both.

Monogram Queen said...

I believe I would try to hurt somebody LOL

Big Hugs, this has to be a very very trying time for you!


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