Adoption Blog

I exported some posts from this blog over to a new adoption blog called Our Heart & Seoul, today.

I wasn't going to make a separate adoption blog at first...but decided maybe I should afterall, so I can post photos of our trip to Korea and of our first meeting with Isaac when that time comes.

I'm think I'm gonna make it Invite-Only...since I'm not entirely comfortable with putting personal photos online. I will be sending invites to some of you...I'm sure I will forget some of you...so send me an email or a comment if you wish to be added--and I'll send you the invite to get you there...


Michelle said...

I haven't been commenting much lately(sorry about that) but I would love to be invited.


Thank you.

Monogram Queen said...

Thank you for including me!!!!

Liz said...

While I don't always comment, I have been reading avidly. I would love to be invited : ej.terwillger@gmail.com


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