Funny How Things Turn Out, Sometimes...

I can't believe it was 5 years ago.

But 5 years ago, today, I moved in with my best friend.

I recently had gotten divorced and needed a place to stay. It was supposed to be temporary--I needed a safe place to stay until I figured out a plan about where I was going to live - what I wanted to do with my life, etc.

Well, time went by, and I stayed...Friendship blossomed into something more...and my best friend became my soul mate.

Eventually he became my husband.

He definitely changed my life.

Sometimes I think he saved my life.

Sometimes, looking back, I can't believe things turned out the way they did. Especially where we are now...waiting for our baby boy....But I'm glad they did...and I'm SO thankful because I'm truly blessed.


miruspeg said...

Hey Retro-Girl
What a gorgeous photo, I am guessing it is you and your brother.
Lovely heartwarming post and yes you have been truly blessed.

butterflygirl said...

What a wonderful story!

Andie said...

How sweet! I didn't know this....such a lovely story!

Monogram Queen said...

I love how you are so thankful, gratitude is a wonderful thing!

KT said...

happy anniversary!

M said...

Sorry I am late but happy anniversary! So glad you found each other and now your lives will be complete when you get your gorgeous little boy.


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