Just a Little Bit Longer...

My dear sweet precious Isaac baby,

I've been looking at your picture for so long now. No matter what I'm doing or where I may be, I am wondering what time it is in Korea, and what you're doing. I wonder if you're sleeping, or playing or eating. I wonder if you're having a good day, as I say prayers for you. I know your foster mom is taking very good care of you, until you can be with your Daddy and me.

I know waiting is hard. I promise though, it'll be just a little bit longer. The State Department told me today that your visa interview is tomorrow, finally! This means that soon, we will get the phone call we've been waiting so long for - to fly on a big plane to Seoul Korea to finally meet you.

I wonder how you'll have changed since your picture was taken back in October. I wonder if you have any little teeth yet, or if your hair has grown in more. I wonder if you are pulling up on furniture and trying to walk or talk. I wonder how big you've grown. Most of all, I wonder what it will feel like to hold you and cuddle you...what it will feel like to kiss your cheeks...and how it will feel to have your little head on my shoulder, and breath on my neck as you drift to sleep.

Hang in there little one, it'll be just a little bit longer, I promise. I'll get there as soon as I can. I've been saving up so much love for you. I can't wait until we can get there and finally bring you home forever.

Until then, rest easy baby. I'll be saying a prayer for you. It'll be just a little bit longer.

Your mama


Melissa said...

Oh, the crying. The crying! Such a beautiful post. Girl, he's a breath away. You'll get to scoop him up soon and I know that will be the best feeling. I can't wait to know he's safely in your arms. Jude is sending happy baby vibes his way.

Andie said...

I am SOOOOOOO excited! This is the start of the beginning. I have shopping to do!!!! I love you sista, and little Issac, too. I am anxiously awaiting that call.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

The long wait is almost over. Hang in there!

Monogram Queen said...

Godspeed to you sweetie. It will all be worth it when you kiss that little face and feel him laying on your shoulder. Breathing in those sweet baby smells........

Michele said...

What a sweet, sweet letter to your baby. Made me tear up. He'll be here soon... I know the waiting must be difficult but he will be worth the wait!

Thank you for your kind words on my blog entry regarding the tragic incident this weekend. They have lots of love, support and guidance around them now. Thank you God.

Mama Kat said...

Ohhh so sweet!! There is a little girl in the daycare who was adopted from China and they are heading back really soon to pick up a brother. It's awesome to be a part of it, watching their family come together. And it's heart breaking thinking about how that little guy is just sitting there right now, growing up and waiting for his forever family. I just wish there wasn't so much red tape and that they could get him now.

You know what's sad is that one month before they travel the little guy will be moved away from his foster family and back into the orphanage. I can't imagine how scary that move will be for him. Thank God they don't remember too much!!

Praying that you can go get your little guy SOON!!!

sincerelykate said...

jesus christmas, red! you made me get all weepy and i never get weepy!


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