Kreativ Blogger Award

Well, what a lovely, friendly gesture and a nice surprise! A little pick-me-up for this Monday morning.

The honor of receiving this Kreativ Blogger award was given to me by a new blog-friend Michele at Artistic Buffet. Michele is a wonderful artist, and makes some of the most beautiful mosaics! You can see her work, and some of her hubby's work at her blog.

I didn't post this at my artsy blog Creative Pandalerium since I have been a bit behind in posting there...and since Michele's award-post mentioned my main blog, here.

Anyway - as part of the award - I must now list 7 things I love:

1) Family - My little family--my sweet hubby, my adorable big dog Lucie, and my sweet baby Isaac (whom I'm still waiting to meet in person) and my extended family -- parents, siblings, and nieces & nephew. (Just wish they didn't live so far away!)
2) Art & Photography - I enjoy experimenting with both, and enjoying the beauty of others' art as well.
3) Travel - I love exploring new places. Love discovering all about a city or town and its local wildlife, attractions, cuisine and people. And love capturing it all on my camera.
4) The Beach - I love the sounds of the ocean, swaying palm trees, sand, ocean creatures, warm salty air, and the laid back beach lifestyle!
5) Kentucky - I left my heart there. I miss the beauty of the bluegrass, the people, the food, the culture, the tradition, history, the pride...the sweet southern drawls. The beautiful spring & summer...my friends! I also love the south in general...I spent a lot of time in Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, for work & pleasure and it's all amazing. If I could pick anywhere I wanted to live, it'd definitely be in the south.
6) Nature - I love being outdoors and love animals & wildlife. I really enjoy gardening, spending time in parks, nature preserves, arboretums, forests, beaches. I love the beauty and serenity of God's creations.
7) The 1950's - I love absolutely everything about the Fab 50's. All of it - movies, tv, people, music, cars, furnishings, decor, clothes, design, art, culture, etc. I love everything from the classic, the danish modern, to the kitschy styles.

I'm passing on this award to the following bloggers:

My special friend Ron - at Troubled Ramblings - who is so multi-talented.
Apple - at Art & Soul - She shares so much of herself through her art exploration.
Michelle - at Searching for Sophie - She's a very sweet lady, a fellow adoptive-mom-in- waiting & scrapper.
Sharon - at Creation Destination - I found her blog through my friend Apple...Been enjoying her posts and her art journaling.

Anyone else who is feeling Kreativ -- go ahead and post something Kreativ and award it to others too!


Michele said...

Mmm... all lovely things on your list. You and your blog are well deserving of this award. ~Michele

Ron said...

thank you my dear friend ..

You are well deserving .. I will post about my 7 things soon .. I have been having a memory day .. and have posted about such on my blog already ..

love ya, my friend .. miss your captive smile ..

Sharon said...

WOW!! I am so honored to be given an Award. WOW!! Thanx, Sharon PS I will need to know what is next, but will try to post it to my blog and let the world know!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!! Sharon


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