Trying to Stay Busy!

I've been a busy girl this last week....Enjoying my new "job"...trying to pass the time, until we get The Travel Call!!

Three families from our agency's "waiting families list" got their Travel Calls this week and will be meeting their babies next week!!! We were told that we are among the 'next group' - 4 families - including ourselves - that are up next....so it could be literally ANY TIME NOW, that we'll get the call. As soon as Isaac's passport & visa are issued!

Until that Call comes...I'm trying to stay busy!!

Things checked off my list in the last week:

  • We shampooed Carpets & living room furniture
  • Rearranged furniture - making house more spacious
  • Cleaned house Thoroughly
  • Cleaned out Junk Drawer!! (yay!)
  • Reorganized some kitchen cabinets
  • Hubby installed slide-out chrome baskets & trash/recycle bins in kitchen cabinets
  • Organized Laundry/Pantry room
  • Organized Cookbooks, Recipes, Coupons, Meal Planning/Shopping List Binder
  • Lucie Dog Groomed
  • Cabinets Baby-Proofed
  • Hair cut & colored (Giving myself & hubby highlights tonite!)
  • Washed Curtains in Kitchen
  • Listed bunch of items on Ebay again
  • Added more items to growing garage sale pile in basement
  • Have been cooking more...Ironing clothes!!
  • We took 5 HUGE lawn/leaf bags of too-large clothes to charity thrift store

Still have a few things to accomplish sometime between now and The Travel Call, such as:

  • Pack Isaac's little suitcase
  • Start our packing list
  • Sort/Clean/Toss junk/make piles to sell & give away in Art Room.
  • Finish a couple art projects
  • Finish Baby Proofing (moving Cleaning supplies, breakables to higher ground, etc)
  • Hubby needs to practice using our new video camera!
  • Get stroller assembled
  • I'm-sure-a-million-more-things-will-come-to-mind! lol

What've you all been up to this past week? Any interesting projects?


Ron said...

sweet darlin

We are praying for y'all .. TJ demands to know as soon as y'all get back with Isaac .. and she said something about needing an address ..

Love youn's

Apple said...

Sounds like you have everything under control, but I bet you are dying on the inside (with anxiety) from just waiting for THE CALL!!!
I am sure it will come any day now.

sincerelykate said...

wow, if you run out of things to do you can always come over to my house and do some stuff! lol.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Sounds like you are one busy momma! Feel free to come over here and clean anytime :)

What I've been doing: I've been kicking jetlag to the curb...so I can go and get more jetlag this weekend. Avoiding cleaning. Drinking coffee. Absolutely nothing worthwhile except reading blogs I can tell you that!

I hope your call comes soon!

Monogram Queen said...

So happy and praying your next post tells us you are leaving to get your little angel!

AngC said...

Gee, you have been busy! Hope you get the call soon.

Nicole said...

You've been busy! I have a surprise for you, my dear! I would like to give you the Triple Blog Award! Check out my blog for details.

Missty said...

Saw you from Blogging Mama, Great blog. I wish you the very best with your new little one.


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