Writer's Workshop

Saw this over at Bloggin Mama's place this morning...and decided to join in.

MamaKat hosts Writer's Workshop on her blog. She lists 5 writing prompts...You pick one (or more) that inspires you....write about it on your blog, then visit her and paste your blog link into the Mr. Linky Box....

I chose Prompt #2 - Name Ten Things You Can Do in Three Minutes.

I started to think about all the multi-tasking I do and started trying to make lists. At first I couldn't come up with a complete list...or a list I thought sounded significant enough.

I read some of the lists on the blogs of other folks who participated in this prompt and thought "No way they do all That in 3 minutes?!" But the more I thought about it, I realized how much I've slowed down in the past 3 years since I left the corporate world. And even more so, since I quit my part-time' job to become a domestic-diva and full-time mommy a month ago. (A mommy, who is overly paper-pregnant and waiting to adopt!).

I realized that I find myself really enjoying the mundane simplicity of the process of doing things like cooking, doing dishes, or enjoying a long hot shower and listening to music and piddling along -putting on make up and fixing my hair. I no longer have the pressure to rush...deadlines...cell phone ringing non-stop, to do a million things at once. (*Insert Deep Relaxing Sigh*) And it feels good. I realize how much I am enjoying myself and my life.

But all that is gonna change, as soon as we get The Call to travel to Korea to bring home our baby boy. And I'm still gonna enjoy the process...every moment....every little thing to do with becoming Isaac's mama. I know my slow relaxing pace will eventually be a thing of the past...but I'm enjoying it while it lasts...lol.

I did finally come up with a list....what I did yesterday. It might not seem that significant or impressive to someone else...but I enjoyed it. Especially sneaking a little chocolate and kickboxing away a couple calories right there in my kitchen...lol

Ten Things in Three Minutes:
1) Cook Dinner
2) Let Dog In & Out 100 10 Times
3) Talk on Phone to Mom
4) Texting W/Hubby
5) Do Some Dishes
6) Feed Dog
7) Sneak some chocolate
8) Read/Answer email
9) Deal with an Ebay Sale/Payment
10) Sneak in a couple quick speed-bag/kickboxing workout moves


Monogram Queen said...

Yes enjoy every little second, every nuance! Life is in the details. Hmmmm I wonder what I can do in three minutes!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Amazing what you can do huh? Good list and thanks for linking me up, that was sweet!

wenderful said...

Wow! I'm impressed that you can cook dinner in 3 minutes! I want that recipe. I also love to kickbox. Especially after sneaking chocolate. :)

Kristen said...

I'm impressed. I manage to find time to watch a commercial break on TV.

Congrats on Isaac. Hope you are all joined together soon.

Michele said...

Yes, enjoy it while you can. Many will tell you that you won't get a chance to slow down for the next 18 years but as a grandmother, I'm here to tell you... it's longer than that! :)

I've awarded you the Kreative Blogger Award... take a look at my blog.

Hope you get your call soon and have a great weekend!

butterflygirl said...

Wow, what a multi-tasker!


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