10 Totally Random Thoughts...

  1. We made a weekend trip to Cincinnati this past weekend, to visit my family.
  2. Isaac really enjoyed meeting his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, etc.
  3. The weather here has been so cool, windy and rainy! Bleech!
  4. Hope it's nice this weekend....We really need to get outside and do lots of yard work!
  5. Hope Isaac will play in his pack-n-play under an umbrella so we can get lots done!
  6. I have put on 3 lbs. in the last 2 weeks -- have gotten off track on my diet. Need to get my act together!
  7. If the weather would cooperate--I could walk with the stroller every day! (Hint Hint Mother Nature!) I am no longer able to work out daily as I once was....
  8. Need a new book to read...need to hit the bookstore this weekend...(library has too many outdated books!)
  9. Hubby has to go to China for 2 weeks in June...I am absolutely DREADING it!! (That is SO long to be totally alone, with no breaks, no help with the baby...)
  10. I would kill for a Spa-Day for my first Mother's Day...instead I'll be sitting on my in-laws' couch all day (we're going to visit them Mother's Day weekend...). Oh well...I've always heard being a mom is a thankless job at times....lol. (just kidding).


Ron said...

did i mention how grand it was to see y'all .. parenthood agrees with y'all ..

sincerelykate said...

it's a hard job, but it's the most rewarding of all.


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