Busy Bee...

Thought I'd hurry and post while I have just a few minutes..lol...let you all know we're alive and doing well. Just been so busy getting into a routine, and getting all the laundry done, the house clean, and taking Isaac to his first Dr. appointment on Tuesday.

Things are going really well. Isaac sleeps through the night, believe it or not (knocking on wood, clutching my lucky rabbit's foot...lol Hope this is a trend that continues!) He's not the greatest napper yet, though...and today when he finally layed down and napped about 40 minutes...darn it if I didn't forget to turn the phone ringer down, and our minister called and WAHHHHH!!! He woke up. He tries his hardest to avoid a late afternoon nap at all costs, even goes as far as hitting his legs to keep himself awake when he starts to nod off.

His doctor appointment went well. He weighs 17.5 lbs, and is healthy. We are changing his diet slowly and he's doing well with it. His tummy issues that he had in Korea are almost gone. We have to take him by the hospital this Saturday as they want to take some blood and a poo-sample to run some standard tests for internationally adopted babies. I hate to see him being stuck with needles, poor baby :-(

He hates being buckled in to anything or being restrained (carseat, stroller, high chair) but once he's in there and moving, or eating, he's fine. He hates being taken out too. I don't think he's ever been in a carseat or stroller until now, so it's just a lot of change for him.

Overall he's doing well. He's having some minor adjustment issues - with so much change of environment, food, people, language...but sometimes he has little mini-meltdowns for a few minutes, and wants to be held alot. This is totally normal and to be expected. Otherwise, he's curious, crawls like lightning, loves to stand and hold on furniture, dance to music, babble, to be tickled and is really starting to love and enjoy Lucie the giant puppy. Lucie is enjoying "babysitting" too, heheh.

We are going to take him to church this Sunday and hope that he does okay. We have the cutest little outfit we bought in Korea that is a cardigan, shirt, tie, and black & white plaid pants. It's so adorable!! I hope the number of people at church won't be too overwhelming for him. If it is, we'll just have to duck out. As per the advice of our social workers and the adoption parenting books, we haven't had any visitors to the house just yet...and we're not letting anyone hold him for awhile yet. Hopefully those who meet him at church will understand this. He just needs time.

Everything is changing now. We are thankful that by 9pm he's sleeping and we can have some time to ourselves...however, I'm usually so tired I'm getting blinky and yawning by then. We hope to eventually get his bedtime to about 8pm...(it was 10pm in Korea with his foster family!) I'm still getting over my jet lag, and this cold...and now hubby is coming down with the bug.

Next week Hubby has to go to Mexico on business for a few days. I am a bit nervous about him being gone, but I'm sure we'll be fine.

Sorry I don't have time to read blogs right now...thinking of you all and missing the smiles I get from your blogs, emails, etc. No time for a lot of stuff right now, until I get my routine and my groove figured out completely. I'm gonna be on and off the radar for awhile (mostly off I suspect...)

Well my time is up. Isaac and Lucie are getting restless and starting to get into everything. Gotta dash. Take care all!


Janet said...

It sounds like you're doing just fine. I'm sure that your routine will settle in after a little while. Isaac sounds like he's a happy little guy. I think it's wonderful that you're all finally together.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

It sounds like you guys are doing great. What a blessing that he's sleeping! Wahoo (can he teach my dd that one? ;)
Congratulations again. I know it's so corny but my heart gets all gooey thinking about a new family just being created. I hope everything continues to go well!

Apple said...

I am so glad that you are all adjusting to the new routine!! Have fun and take LOTS of pictures (you will be glad you did)!! :)

Monogram Queen said...

You are doing wonderfully!!!!!
If you just remember two things, patience and consistency you will be pretty much fine.
When Mad was a newborn I wouldn't let anyone hold her and some of the hubs family got a bit put out about it (i'm not talking about my In Laws - further out family) but I said "My babies welfare comes before any else's feelings" and stuck by it. I am sure they will be understand at your church and if they are not - oh well!
I can't wait to check your other blog from home. You are in my thoughts sweetie!

TammyJ said...


As the mom of 4 kids and step mom to 3 more, let me tell you .. sounds like you are doing a wonderful job.. Isaac sounds like he is a pretty normal kid, we have been fighting the late afternoon nap with our granddaughter Cloe for about a yr now they are afraid they are gonna miss something if they take a nap.. speaking of Cloe I don't know if your remember she was 6 weeks premature. We didn't allow anyone to touch/hold/breathe on her. She has been attending church with Ron and me since she was 12 days old. Trust me, most people are very understanding about respecting boundries. Take care of you and ummm pics of that handsome youngin of yours would be welcome..

Love Y'all

butterflygirl said...

It sounds like the transition has been going smoothly for all of you. You're going to be a busy bee for the next 18+ years.

Michele said...

Hang in there Mama... sounds like you're doing great. Enjoy!

Monogram Queen said...

I don't have the link to your adoption blog so I hope you are still checking this one too.
I need to get your address again, I have something to send to you.
You can email it to me (if you don't mind) to patricia.tindal@wamu.net

Nicole said...

Wow! Sounds busy! Just so you know, I started a new blog, www.littlebluesparrow.blogspot.com. I wanted to switch over to blogger!
Sounds like you are doing just dandy!


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