Trip to the Zoo...

I can't believe it's been Two Whole Weeks that Isaac has been home! It's been wonderful! He's such a happy, sweet baby. We're doing really well and looking forward to so many adventures.

We took him to the Lincoln Park Zoo yesterday in Chicago. It was really nice out and we had such a lovely time. We strolled through Lincoln Park, had lunch at Cosi (yumm!) and then went to the zoo. Isaac really seemed to enjoy the animals, and also watching all the other babies in strollers and children having a good time. He seems to be such a social little guy. Here are a few pictures of just a few of the animals:

We also went to the Lincoln Park Conservatory to check out all the gorgeous foilage...palms, ferns, grasses, and flowers, and the koi ponds. It was absolutely beautiful. Here are a few photos from the greenhouses there:

It was a lovely day. We also visited Super H Mart--a huge Asian grocery store -- on our way home from the zoo. We like to buy snacks there, and browse their housewares department, and enjoy some of the food samples they are constantly giving out.
Next weekend we're going to take Isaac to Cincinnati to visit and meet his new family - Grandparents, aunt, uncle, and his 5 cousins (my nieces and nephew). We are really looking forward to this trip...we've not seen my family since Christmas. Hopefully our week will go fast and we'll be on the road soon! :-)


Ron said...

nice !!

as of now we plan to make the brunch meeting

sincerelykate said...

so great! i'm sure isaac was so overwhelmed with all the animals. his eyes were probably all over the place. lol. he's so cute.

Michele said...

Oh, he's so cute! Looks like he's set on beverages! I'm glad you're enjoying him and hope you have a safe, fun trip.

Nicole said...

Cute! I'm glad that you are so happy!
The Zoo looks like fun!

Monogram Queen said...

I posted on your other blog but these animals pics are also wonderful! You are going to just LOVE experiencing life with your little one. Makes all the difference in the world!

butterflygirl said...

Check out those shades!


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