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I know, I know.....I've fallen out of blog-land lately. I still ramble on Twitter and Facebook now and then...(thanks to my sidekick cell phone) but blogging is a bit harder to keep up with lately.

When I do blog, I usually post to both this blog and my adoption blog. I do tend to duplicate info on them...but the reason is that I don't post personal photos here, to the open internet. I will only post them on the adoption blog, which is private, invite-only. Some readers only visit this blog, and some who are fellow Korean adoptive parents only read the adoption blog. So if you read them both, sorry for the duplicity. But if you want pics, check out my adoption blog. If you don't have the invite to access that--email me and we'll talk.

Nothing too exciting going on lately...

We went to Chicago last Saturday and had lunch outside at a sidewalk cafe, and browsed shops along Michigan Avenue. Isaac had lots of fun waving at everyone. I think he really enjoyed being in the city again. (He lived right in the hub-bub of the city, in Seoul with his foster family...and now we live out in between the cornfields in the 'burbs, so I wonder if he misses the city sounds).

On Memorial Day we had some visitors. Mrs. "B" who was a patient at the dental office, came to visit, and brought her 18 yr old daughter (potential babysitter!) and her two Korean adopted kids. They are a boy age 11, and a girl age 6. They were so delighted to meet Isaac and see our pictures from Korea, and hear all about their home country. The family couldn't go to Korea when they adopted (they have 4 other biological kids and couldn't make the trip) so the kids were escorted to the U.S. Isaac loved playing with them and had such a good time. It was so heart warming to see. We hope to get the kids together again soon.

Hubby got me an early birthday present -- a new laptop that has a webcam built in and Skype. He wants us to be able to video chat while he's in China. We think that will help Isaac not miss him so much or wonder where Daddy is or why he's gone. So if you have a webcam & Skype and want to chat with me and Isaac sometime - send me an email and we'll get it together!

Isaac is growing like crazy...he's babbling and trying to talk. He's trying to stand from a kneel, and sometimes stands on his own for a full minute or more....and has taken a couple steps recently. He claps, waves, tosses and rolls a rubber ball. He has a new baby pool and loves to play in the water, and loves to play outside.

I am signing us up for a reading group at the library that starts in June....Still need to call Gymboree to inquire about classes. Joined Cafemom.com and may be doing a park-walking group (if the weather holds up and we can actually meet! We were rained out today!) Just trying to stay busy, to avoid going crazy being cooped up in this house so much, and fight off the blues. Started taking St. John's Wort, (herbal/natural remedy for anxiety) ---Anyone try this before? What was your experience? I think it's working so far...

Believe it or not, I actually really am missing working and miss seeing people so much. Hubby and I have talked...that I am just contemplating that if I get too overwhelmed/blue - to start looking for another part-time job, and doing daycare a couple days a week....Doubt I'll find one out here in the sticks...and in the bad employment market right now...but doesn't hurt to keep my eyes open...and he totally understands. It may come down to the fact that I just have to do it...for me.

I really doubt my parents are coming, during hubby's upcoming trip to China. I can't believe that I can't count on them to come give me a hand...I always thought your parents were the only people you could truly count on. But I guess the reality is, you can only really count on yourself. I am telling myself this is just another test....God has his reasons. I may not understand but I should just trust that he will get me through it.


Apple said...

I found a free application on my phone where I can write a blog post straight from my phone. You should check into it.
Also, I used to take a B-12 vitamin for energy. That might help too.
I think putting Isaac in day care would help him out too. He would be able to interact with kids his own age. As well as letting mommy have her "me" time!

Monogram Queen said...

I am glad you do facebook although if I can read the occasional blogpost I love them too!!!


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