Ahhhh....Rub Me...

I went and got a massage this morning. Ahhhhhhh. The first one in probably 4 years. Why'd I wait so long?!

It was both relaxing and painful. My body was one gnarled, knotted, tight, mass of stress and pain. The therapist did a great job working most of it out. I felt like a new woman coming out of there, though.

It was the first time I've been apart from Isaac since we came home from Korea, almost 2 months ago. (Can you believe it's been that long already?!) It was a bit tough walking out and leaving him...but he was in THE BEST hands ever - Mrs. B. (the lady who has 4 biological kids, and 2 adopted kids from Korea. She also is a Safe House foster parent for the state of IL DCFS for at risk kids who are pulled temporarily from homes for various reasons. She is amazing!). I am so lucky to know someone so gracious and kind, who would help me out today.

Apparently it didn't phase Isaac that I left. This is good, he was happy to play with his new friend A. (the 6 yr. old girl) and Mrs. B. He had no separation anxiety issue. I am sure someday somewhere it'll happen, but I'm glad he did so well today. I was only gone about 2 hours though.

I definitely need to go again, soon. I had very sore, knotted, tight places on my body everywhere...even in places I hadn't realized. She told me to work on drinking wayyyy more water, work on sleeping, and to keep up my walking. I hope to go again in the next 30 days....

Later this afternoon...I found out Mr. B. just lost his job of 25 years, due to 'restructuring'. I'm so sad for them. They have a BIG family to feed, and they help so many. Prayers to them, that he finds something else, soon. I've been trying to not think about that happening to my hubby....*crossing my fingers* It's everywhere you turn....this world is so crazy.

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Apple said...

I am so glad that you were able to get out and do something nice for yourself. That's great!!!


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