The House Began to Pitch....

There was a tornado warning this morning. Yikes! Sirens going off, the emergency weather service beeping on the TV saying to take shelter...and hubby texting me to get to the basement. Sheesh!

So I grabbed little Isaac, the diaper bag and my purse, called for the dog and headed down the basement. Then I realized...ok if this is "The Big One" - we have no water or food down here....so I grabbed Isaac and headed upstairs one more time. I threw bottles of water downstairs...grabbed the first things I saw in the way of food---a box of baby oatmeal, saltines and granola bars---and pitched 'em down the steps, and grabbed the baby walker and headed back downstairs. I think Isaac thought I was insane, lol, throwing stuff down the steps. The look on his face was priceless...heheheh!!

I put Isaac in the walker and gathered up my supplies and turned on the old TV that is beside the treadmill and sat down and watched the weather channel. We could hear the wind howling and the rain blowing, and thunder rattling the windows! Lucie dog was getting nervous and pacing. Apparently a tornado or something close to it touched down town that's about 15 miles away! Yikes!

After awhile, they cancelled the tornado warning, but changed it to a severe thunderstorm warning for the rest of the day. So I gathered up the crap I hauled down there, and the baby and headed back upstairs. Figures! I realized through all of this, though, that we have no emergency kit down there....we should really throw together a rubbermaid container with some water, non-perishable snacks, candles, matches, blanket, pillows, first aid kit, etc. and just keep it down there.

All this, on the day our Social Worker is coming for the 2nd of the 4 post-adoption visits too...lots to get done and now all this, throwing off my schedule. S0, as I headed back upstairs, and could still hear thunder and blowing rain, I got a vision..heheheh...Shame on me...but I pictured our Social Worker, riding through the sky on Margaret Hamilton's bicycle, cackling that wicked witch laugh..."heeeehheeeehhheee! I'll get you my pretty! And your little boy too!" I could hear the munchkins singing that song too...."The House Began to Pitch"....lol yes, I've finally lost it!

Since I started this post, the weather got really bad again for a bit, I thought I'd better get off this computer.....but in the last minute or two, suddenly it's cleared up and is sorta partly sunny! The weather here in Illinois really is crazy! (I can still hear rumbles of thunder in the distance, so I don't think it's over yet...but sheesh!)

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Nicole said...

oh my! Tornado warnings are kind of scary! I'm glad everything is okay. I love the image of your social worker being the wicked witch! Very funny!


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