Rain & Reality...Home Alone...

Is it raining where you are? That's all it seems to do here, lately. The weather channel shows rain in the forecast for the whole next week. Sheesh! I am really going through withdrawl - not being able to be outdoors walking in the park or in our neighborhood. I need fresh air! (Warm, dry fresh air!)

Took Isaac to visit the gals at my old office today. It was so nice to see everyone, and they really enjoyed seeing Isaac. Wow...I really miss the patients and the Doc, and laughing with the gals. We could only stay for an hour during their lunch time, and I wasn't ready to go home yet, so afterward we hit Toys R Us. I decided to buy Isaac some "just because" toys (even though his 1st birthday is in 13 days!). I got him a cute little zoo train with animals and a cute tiger that rolls on wheels and a book about families. Although he missed his afternoon nap, I think he really enjoyed getting out and browsing around the store. Got some really good ideas for his real birthday presents.

Today was the 2nd day of being without Daddy, while he's in China doing business. (9.5 to go!) Yesterday wasn't too bad. Today was a bit tougher - as Isaac woke up and decided first thing that it would be "Scream & Shriek for Fun Day". Oh. My. Aching. Ears. And. Raw. Nerves. lol. Sheesh. Thank God he's finally in bed, sleeping. Whew. Time to chill.

Hubby called earlier on Skype and we did our first video chat. It's so nice to talk for free when he's overseas. The connection and sound were awesome. Isaac got a kick out of seeing Dad on the computer. It did all of us good...but also kinda left me missing hubby even more.

I may have a visitor this Sunday...She's from the yahoo discussion group I belong to, with other moms who are going to or have already adopted from Korea through the same adoption agency. She adopted a baby boy also, and he is 18 months old. It will be so nice to meet her in person, and for Isaac to get to play with her little boy. It will also be great to compare notes with someone who's already been through alot of this same adjusting, transition, bonding, and emotional ride.

Hubby is supposed to take us to Tampa Florida in October, when he has to be there for a trade show. He'll be working, but Isaac and I can lay around the pool, maybe sight-see, and relax a bit. I sure wish this wasn't so far off. We could really use a little vacation...(without in-laws, tons of people, rushing around, etc.) Might just have to try and do something sooner....maybe the weekend of Father's Day which is also my birthday weekend...hmmm. However...we're trying to figure out what to do for Isaac's 1 year birthday (June 15) also...we want to celebrate Toljabee - the Korean traditional celebration of 1 year...but with family so far away...not sure if we can. Unless we have it with just a few local acquaintances...hmmmm. This China trip really threw a wrench in so many things this month.

Oh well....I need to watch some boring TV, make a nice steamed milk with caramel & hazelnut syrups....and eventually head to bed. (Please let me sleep...no waking at 1, 2, 4, 5!)

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