Mini Blessings

My Mini

Whew....went to the MINI dealer this morning for my regular annual oil change (Yes, the car that needs an oil change only once a year! Not only is it great on gas, but it only needs service once a year!) Found out that my thermostat had conked out, there was a leak and the fan would keep running, to compensate. Fortunately, my visit today was 1 week before the extended warranty ran out! That's the only real issue I've ever had in 4 years, and that is something fairly minor, so I'm not complaining. Hopefully nothing else will happen...

Isaac did pretty well, considering they kept us 2 hours while they worked on the car. Fortunately they had Dish Network and a flat panel TV, so he could watch Handy Manny and Wonder Pets...heheh. It was pouring rain, so we couldn't go walking. We did take him to lunch after, and to ToysRUs to buy him a birthday present. We got him a walking toy that he can push and walk behind. He is so close to walking! He will stand by himself and take a step or two...it won't be long now! He has two teeth coming in on the bottom too! I can't believe he's growing so fast!

So glad to have hubby back from China...but poor guy, he's totally jet lagged and nappy, trying to adjust back to the Chicago time zone.

For now, I think we're just going to do a little family party for Isaac tomorrow. We are going to figure out the mechanics of having the Toljabee Korean 1-year birthday celebration later....

Isaac & I met a friend, Judy, at the park yesterday. She's another adoptive mommy from our same agency, who has a little girl, MeeNa who will be 1 yr old on the 20th---the same as my birthday! She also has two biological boys, 7 & 10 yrs. We had a great time playing, swinging, walking. Hope to see them again for another play-date soon!

Oh well....computer time is over! Time to get Isaac up from his late afternoon nap....get a bottle going and some yummy baked whole wheat mac-n-cheese cooking for dinner. (it's a low-fat recipe..but it's awesome!)

How's your weekend going?


butterflygirl said...

Hope Issac has a wonderful birthday!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I admit, I'm drooling over your car. I wish I could squeeze two kids in a car like that!

I understand the oil change thing, it's awesome. I have a BMW and in the past 18 months I haven't had to change the oil even once! My first car here also a BMW we changed it once in two years and only when we hit 22k km. granted it was then 200 euros but still worth it not to have to spend time with kids locked in a small dealership every 3k miles.

Melissa said...

Teeth!! I'm scared of the teething stage, I must say.

So cool that they fixed your car right then and there. And even better that Isaac could watch some TV and be entertained. That could have been a harrowing experience!


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