Staying Busy...30 Hours & Counting

Well, so far I've somehow survived hubby's two week trip to China. He'll be home tomorrow nite---in 30 Hours!! It feels like 100 years since I've seen him.

Isaac and I have been staying super busy to pass the time....we've been on the run, doing something different just about every day, just to get out of the house. Here's the rundown:

Last week
Mon - Trip to Michael's (no art supplies...basket shopping - for toy storage)
Tues - Visited gals at my old office & Toys-R-Us
Wed - Home all day/Rained
Thurs - Massage/Isaac played at Mrs. B's.
Fri - Mall for lunch & stroll
Sat - Home all day/Cleaned
This Week:
Sun - Parents arrived/Lunched and played with Cori & her little boy Seth (also from Korea)
Mon - Walmart trip (and rest...bad storm during the nite kept us all awake for hours)
Tues- Mall & lunch out. 2 Mile walk after dinner.
Wed - Lunch out, trip to the park (Isaac enjoyed his first time on the swings!), ice cream
Thus-(Today)...Parents left for home this morning early...no plans today.
Fri- Going to meet Judy, her boys and baby Meena (also from Korea) at the park at 1pm. Then--Hubby to be home around dinner time!

I've still been having trouble sleeping...waking at 4:30 a.m. every day and not really sleeping after that. I called my doc and begged for some sleeping pills. She called in some Ambien...they knock me out great and I sleep deeply for about 4 hours, maybe 5...but I still wake too early, and am really tired. I have been doing alot of walking, thinking the exercise will help, but it hasn't really. Tonite I can't take anything - since there isn't anyone but me to listen to the baby monitor.

It was really nice to see my parents and have them here. It helped to keep me from feeling so lonely & blue. My mom helped somewhat, but there were so many things that I just had to do myself anyway like the bedtime ritual (bath, bottle, book & bed), preparing Isaac's meals, etc. They got to play with Isaac alot and visit which was great. They drove me a little nutty at times, though, but I think that's normal when you've lived away from home for so long.

The one thing that hurt my feelings is that my parents did nothing to acknowledge Isaac's first birthday which is this coming Monday 6/15, and my birthday on June 20th. No card, nothing. My mom once casually said something about "I don't know if we should celebrate your birthdays now or when you come to Cincinnati"...and that was about all. I mentioned to her we don't know when we're coming back down there, since we have a lot going on here...church commitments, hubby's work schedule, doctor's appointments, and that hubby's parents have been waiting for the OK to come visit....So I guess our birthdays were an after-thought for them? *shrug* Weird....they always give cards/gift to my nieces and my nephew...my sister, bro and the inlaw sibs. Whatever. I feel like Molly Ringwald in 16 Candles when her parents totally forgot her birthday! (I don't mean to sound petty or ungrateful that they came to visit...but it's just weird...most grandparents are bouncing off the walls when a grandchild turns 1 year old...come bearing presents, take pictures...they did none of that. They gave him a couple Happy Meal toys and that's it...)

Hubby has to travel to KY in 2-3 weeks for business. He thought of trying to take us, but we're not sure if we can pull it off...with costs of dog kennel, doing a 2nd rental car for me to visit friends, while he is working. It's looking kind of like it's not gonna happen....

Oh well...I'm just watching the clock till hubby gets home.


butterflygirl said...

Hang in there...so many changes happen when you are a mother.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I haven't been getting your blog feed for some reason (I just figured you were too busy being supermom ;)

I'm sorry they didn't really acknowledge Little Man's birthday. That does stink. I know he will feel your love and his daddy's love and that is what matters the most on his very special day.

Happy (early) Birthday!


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