Too Close for Comfort

Just read that there was indeed a tornado Friday morning...in the neighboring town (where I used to work) less than 10 miles away. Apparently an F-1 tornado hit a strip mall and several businesses, ripping off roofs, uprooting signs, damaging cars, etc...and according to residents of that area---they heard absolutely no emergency sirens. That's disturbing!!

After I'd made that post Friday morning about the bad weather....the weather calmed down for awhile...and our social worker came for her visit. The visit went really well and when she left, we dashed out for a quick bite to eat at the local I-Hop. As we got ready to leave the restaurant, the skies turned black as night in a matter of minutes and it starting raining like a monsoon again, thundering and the winds grew very strong again. We got soaked getting in our car and tried to drive home. It was almost impossible to see...the roads were instantly getting flooded. We saw trees down everywhere, the power went out...but somehow we got home safely. Yikes!!! Our power was out for a couple hours...long enough for our sump pump to stop and water started backing up into our basement. Fortunately the power came back on before it got worse and everything was okay....but Whewwww!

Turns out many areas had no power until late Saturday. Many nearby homes and properties had wind/water damage We were very fortunate. Very fortunate.....

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