Be Careful What You Complain About....

I feel SO guilty!

I was just saying on Twitter yesterday that I hoped and prayed that our new neighbors turned out to be nice, quiet folks. I made the comment that for some reason that I seem to be a Psycho-Neighbor-Magnet...(Remember the posts about my old neighbor--who I liked to call "Cousin Eddie Clampett"??!! a cross between Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon's Vacation movies, and Jethro Clampett of the Bev. Hillbillies...) . I had bad luck with neighbors back in Kentucky too...the stories I could tell!

Anyway....Here at our new house, our next door neighbor apparently did a short-sale to avoid foreclosure and moved out rather quickly....and a nice-looking new family just moved in. In response to my "Psycho Neighbor" comment - Periapex, a Twitter friend, suggested I send flowers, maybe that would make for a nice start to friendship with them....

As of yesterday, these new neighbors had only been in the house about 24 hours. I hadn't even had a chance to introduce myself or anything....when last night, about 8pm there were sirens .... and fire trucks, police, and ambulances suddenly all over the street out front!

I talked to one of the other neighbors, and they told me apparently the father of the new family next door (in his 50's) suffered a heart attack and they couldn't save him. He died last night just before 8pm.

The wife sat, collapsed to the floor of the open garage, as the emergency crews did their job in the ambulance by the curb. Apparently the fellow had been having chest pains for a week, but hadn't seen a doctor. He left a wife and two teenage children.

I am SO in shock and am SO sad for them. I don't know how/when we should go over there and introduce ourselves now...maybe we'll leave a card and flowers at their door?

I feel so guilty for complaining about neighbors....before I even met these folks. I feel like I jinxed them. Lucie was outside barking her head off about 7pm when they were cooking burgers on their grill, and I yelled for her to be quiet and come inside...OMG...I hope she didn't get on his nerves!


M said...

You did not jinx them, it was not your fault. Bake some food and take it over for the wife and kids and ask her if there is anything she needs, I am sure it will mean the world to her after moving to a new neighborhood. What a very sad story.

Antique Mommy said...

The almost same thing happened to me. We had a tumultuous relationship, to put it nicely with our neighbors. They used to call the police when I had three older ladies in my home for a Bible study if they parked in front of their house. It was always so unpleasant and then one day the man dropped dead. And we went to the funeral and brought food and tried to be helpful. That's just what you do.

The people that live there now, soon after they moved in the lady asked me how old my grandson was. My son is five. I going to assume she is nearsighted.

Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

Hey Retro girl! I popped over to say hi and thanks for commenting on my blog today, and I get THIS. Wow! I can't even imagine . . . but I suppose like AM said, you do what you can to be helpful at a time like this. It might start a wonderful friendship.

Good luck!

Apple said...

YOU DID NOT JINX THEM!!! I agree with M on what you should do. Take her some food/something else and offer your condolences. That would probably be the best thing.

sincerelykate said...

awww babe, you have nothing to feel guilty about. it is a very sad situation and i feel badly for them too. but i'm a big believer that when it's your time, it's your time. i think you should go by in a few days to give your condolenses. i'm sure they'd appreciate that. they're going to need friends now more than ever.

periapex said...

I'm just reading this now!

What bad luck for them. Have you made contact with them?


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