It's Not Over (an iPod Meme)

Here are the instructions:
1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question. NO CHEATING!

Q: What does next year have in store for you?
---The Sweet Escape (Gwen Stefani) -- I hope this means I'm going on a sweet vacation!

Q: What does your love life look like next year?
--Beauty (Stephanie Smith).....Beauty, eh?! (In my best Canadian accent) lol

Q: What do you say when life gets hard?
--I didn't Like You Anyway (The Donnas) ..lol Hilarious

Q: Song that reminds you of good times?
--Dance Floor (Roger & Zapp) OMG This is SO OLD!

Q: What do you think when you get up in the morning?
--My Life Would Suck Without You (Kelly Clarkson) Yes, my life would suck without hubby & my baby boy!

Q: What song will you dance to at your wedding?
---Lovesong (The Cure) OMG I cannot believe this came up!!!! This is sorta our song...and we ARE already married!

Q: Song that reminds you of your first kiss?
---My Rollercoaster (Kimya Dawson) -- heheh This is pretty appropriate!

Q: Your favourite saying?
---Not Tonite (Lil Kim) --- Sounds like when I've been awake at nite with the baby...Oh my gawd. **Blush!!* That's life as parents, eh?

Q: Favourite place?
--I Wanna Touch You (Benny Benassi) -- OMG. TMI. lol

Q: Most Missed Memory?
--Hitchin' A Ride (Green Day) --Never hitched a ride in my life (with a stranger) lol! But this makes me think of cruisin' with friends and having fun.

Q: What song describes your best friend?
--Basket Case (Green Day)....LMBO! Woops! Aren't we all, at one time or another?

Q: What song describes your ex?
---Goodbye to You (Scandal) ... *Fallin outta my chair laughing...this is too freaking perfect!!* lol

Q: Where would you go on a first date?
--How Lucky We Are - (Meiko) ??? lol maybe to a coffee house to hear a guitar toting girl singer like Meiko...?

Q: Drug of choice?
---Manic Monday (The Bangles) .. ? lol the strongest thing I take now is OTC Sleep-aid...because every day is hectic! I need sleep!

Q: What song describes yourself?
---Keeps Gettin Better (Christina Aguilera)....Hmm yeah!

Q: What is the thing you like doing most?
---Smile (Lily Allen)....LOL Yeah and laugh with friends!

Q: The song that best describes the president?
--Got You Where I Want You (The Flys)...lol hmm is this prophetic somehow?

Q: Where will you be in 10 years?
--1985 (Bowling for Soup)...lol What, do I have a time machine? That'd be cool!

Q: Your love life right now?
---Always Be My Baby (Mariah Carey)... Mr. Hottie, always!

Q: What is your state of mind like at the moment?
---Get Yer Freak On (Missy Elliot)....LOL Um ??

Q: How will you die?
---Bullet with Butterfly Wings (Smashing Pumpkins)...Yikes!

Q: The song you’ll put as the subject?
--It's Not Over (Daughtry)....

*** I'm not going to list people to be tagged..if you wanna steal this, go for it. Let me know if you post it, so I can see it!

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sincerelykate said...

this looks like so much fun. i'm gonna steal it.


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