Right Now....

Right Now....

The Fourth of July is happening all over America....Hope everyone has a happy safe holiday. We are sitting home doing nothing...while poor Lucie dog is terrified by all the noise of fireworks and is barking like crazy...Nothing we do consoles her....and amazingly Isaac is sleeping through it. No picnics or parties for us....we spent the day running a couple errands, and re-arranging our living room. Had a bite at Applebees for dinner...Woopty-Doo!

I have a cold and cannot breathe through my nose. I hate summer colds!

Today marks exactly 3 months that Isaac has been home from Seoul, South Korea. I cannot believe how far he's come in every way. He's starting to walk, is trying so hard to talk (says about 5 words that I understand), is so happy and active. He now gives great hugs, sloppy wet kisses, and is very expressive. He's grown like a weed! His 1 year doctor appointment is Tues. - I can't wait to find out his exact weight and growth.

We have a tent in our living room. Really, it's hilarious to me, Miss OCD anti-clutter...But yes, we have a small dome tent with a tunnel in our living room...for Isaac. heheh. Amazing how having a child can help you tolerate clutter. He totally loves crawling in and out of the tunnel and playing in the tent. He can even say 'tent' (Sounds like Dent). So cute!!

Our noisy neighbor moved away. The house is now vacant, and the weeds and grass are getting tall...*ughhhh* and we're awaiting the arrival of new neighbors. We saw a couple with inspectors there a week or so ago...they looked nice. Can't wait to meet some new folks.

Had a mole removed from my thigh....that turned out to have pre-cancerous cells. Went for a routine skin check and skin cancer screening...and glad I did. The doc felt one mole was suspicious and ran a biopsy. It had pre-cancerous cells, so now I have to go back and have a little more cut off and frozen with nitrogen to make sure it doesn't come back. He told me to wear spf 50 or higher on my body anytime I leave the house, and spf 70-100 on my face, every day. I am doing it, right now.

What are you doing right now?


Michele said...

Oh, it sounds so nice that you're settling into family life... there's nothing else like it. Hubby and I went down the street to see fireworks last night. We live near the water so there are about 5 different shows to watch there. We're also waiting to see who our new neighbors will be! Right now I'm working in the studio on a mosaic fireplace mantel and listening to Katy Perry's "One of the Boys"... almost finished with the mantel and will post soon. Glad you went for the prescreening and are taking care of things now rather than later. Have a great afternoon!

butterflygirl said...

Right now I'm laying on the couch, reading blogs, and watching MIB. Enjoy time with Issac...he is only little once.


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