Simple Joy...in a Jiffy

Ahh the comfort of this little box! My mom always had Jiffy cake, frosting and muffin mixes in the pantry when we were growing up. She'd whip up a little surprise treat for bringing home a good grade or to celebrate some small family milestone - a little Jiffy cake or cupcakes with that delicious fudge frosting....or sumptuously moist muffins with our evening meal.

I love that Jiffy mixes are still available after all these years. (The box boasts - 'since 1930!') Ahh, the comfort of childhood memories and good food. Something so simple and easy...so tasty...and so cheap! The cost is still a fraction of other baking mixes. (The oatmeal muffin mix is a whopping 54 cents at Super Wally. I do remember when it was 39 cents not too many years ago...but I'm not complaining!)

I like to 'doctor up' the mixes sometimes....I add 2 heaping tablespoons of natural peanut butter to the oatmeal muffin mix to make it a bit more filling and to add some protein. One box makes 24 mini muffins. They're a great snack and breakfast food for Isaac. As soon as he sees them come out of the oven, his little eyes light up and he squeals with delight! It's wonderful that for just a buck or so, I can make my sweet boy so happy! I always take a batch of Jiffy muffins on road trips since hubby loves 'em too...it's way cheaper and healthier than eating junk food from convenience stores along the way.

Jiffy's website shows the frosting mix is still available...but my stores don't carry it. I'm going to have to put in a request! I haven't had Jiffy frosting in probably 15-20 years! It is the best...it sets up nice and crisp...not like those greasy creamy frostings they have now. Nothing is like a box-mix of frosting.

You can check out their products at their website and get a recipe booklet HERE.

What foods or products do you remember from your childhood that bring you comfort? Are they still available? Do you use them?


The Morris Family said...

wow, now there's a memory jogger! we love the cornbread mix- use it to make cornbread muffins in the fall with a bowl of chili or ham and beans- ahhh comfort food!

ps thanks for stopping by-
love your blog- really creative and fun!

butterflygirl said...

I love Jiffy cornbread. I'll have to check my stores and see if they have the frosting.

Gina said...

I love Jiffy too. Childhood comforts for me? hot cocoa, hopscotch, Archie comics, and sugar daddy candy bars : ) Thank you for inviting me there.


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