Total Bouts of Randomosity

Went to Isaac's doctor appointment last nite. He now weighs 21.5 lbs and is 30.5" tall. ( Then why does he feel like a 25 lb bowling ball? lol) The Doc felt he was healthy and on track developmentally. He's still a little small for his age, but considering he was 5.5 lbs at birth, he's growing fairly well.

Isaac is SO about to totally walk! He stands independantly, and will walk anywhere from 7-10 steps now...but then sits down or falls. I can't wait till he's 100% walking on his own. People keep telling me "You spend months, waiting for them to talk and walk....then you spend years telling them to sit down and shut up...don't rush it!" LOL....

I'm such a klutz. I tripped and fell yesterday, climbing over the baby play-yard fence and put a gash in my leg, and fell on my arms/shoulder...am SO sore. What a nimrod! I think ever since I quit working out when Isaac came home, my coordination and balance are way off. I just can't seem to get myself to workout though. I'm always finding a million other chores to do during naptime.

Tomorrow nite, I have plans to meet some of the gals from my old office for dinner and to see the new Sandra Bullock - The Proposal. Hubby is going to stay home and watch Isaac. I cannot wait...I have been dying to see a movie in the theater and to have some adult interaction. A small part of me feels guilty for wanting out/away...but I need it desperately, for my sanity.

I sort of wish I could trust/find/afford an acceptable babysitter for 1 day during the week...just a day to do whatever I want/need to do...(must be nice---those of you who have family and/or good friends nearby!! I envy you!) Hubby offers to do this on Saturdays...but to me, weekends are family days...days we should do things together.

Am so tired...Poor Lucie Dog has been sick the last couple nites...waking up whining, barfing and going out. Not sure what is wrong. She hasn't been eating much, but has been drinking water. I think she's a bit better today...gonna keep watching her and if she doesn't improve, will have to try and get her into the vet. (Hmmm HOW to take an active wiggly 1 yr old and a 75 lb active wiggly Border Collie/Lab to the vet all by myself??)

Gonna start weaning Isaac off of the bottle and formula. Per the Doc, he was on 4 bottles per day along, along with eating 3 meals. He suggested to keep the morning and bedtime bottle, but do sippy cup-only at lunch and in lieu of the late day/dinner bottle. We're to start out slowly replacing a couple ounces with whole milk mixed with the formula, and slowing increasing this till it's all milk, over a 2 week period. Hope he isn't too cranky or doesn't start having any tummy issues. He does drink water from a sippy cup alot, so I think we have a head start there..

Ahhh the highlights of my life...sippy cups, barfing dog, lack of sleep, craving adult conversation and to watch something other than Backyardigans or Handy Manny for a bit...lol

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