All Kinds of Busy....

For all 4 2 readers I have left (if you're still out there) yes I am alive!
Have been pretty busy lately, but just haven't had anything really blog-worthy.

We went to a Korean street festival in Chicago this past Sunday, despite the heat wave. The temps were in the high 90's and with the humidity, the heat index was near 100 degrees. So we went early and enjoyed a stroll through the fest - checking out the booths, a few Korean shops along the way and had some yummy Korean food for lunch. We couldn't stay for the traditional dance demos or K Pop bands or Tae Kwon Do demos because they didn't begin until after 2:00 pm - at the hottest part of the day. We were fading fast from the heat and needed to get Isaac into the A/c and home for a much needed nap.

This week we have our pastor coming for dinner on Thursday, to discuss baptism for Isaac. He's been home and attending church for 4 months now (I can't believe it's been 4 months!)...and we need to figure this out. I have some inner conflict and some questions about God Parents -- choosing them, what their role and responsibilities are, and how it works within the Episcopal church (to which we are fairly new, still...). I also have issues about family - most not being able to attend...hubby's parents suddenly wanting to come - but can't travel for who knows how long due to medical issues - and I feel we can't keep putting this off---it's been 4 months already!
Has anyone else out there had a tough time with this?

Our 4 year wedding anniversary is the 18th. Wow, 4 years! We're planning to go out for dinner Saturday night to celebrate. Nothing too exciting. Wish we could go to a comedy club - but it's too far from where we live, and it'd be an expensive night to do dinner, comedy & babysitter. So I guess Mr. Hottie better be ready with some funny stories and jokes for me! hehheh.

So much more to come in the next few months with travel plans, adoption finalization and entering into the long Citizenship process, a minor medical procedure that Isaac is having done at the end of this month, and so many other "things" on my never ending To-Do list....

Everything is so much more complicated when you're a parent. Things that were once so simple are now so major...so many details, tasks, steps, arrangements, 'stuff' to haul everywhere...We're loving this boy and every precious moment with him but we're still learning the ropes and all of us are still adjusting to our new lives, and everything that goes with it...


Apple said...

I would babysit if I could...LOL!!! I hope ya'll have a wonderful time. Congrats on 4 years together!!!

Monogram Queen said...

Oh honey it gets even more complicated - but rewarding too! I'm still here.. occasionally... :)


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