Break The Cycle!

I'm trying to break a habit....the habit of buying bottled water. We go through several cases a month, and we're trying to cut back on spending, and trying to be a little more eco-conscious.

We do heavily recycle, but I've heard the arguments that there are still so many negatives in buying bottled water and recycling the bottles. Some facts I've read were:

  • Transporting all the plastic water bottles means that 1 billion plastic water bottles are being moved around the U.S. on ships, trains and vehicles every week.
  • 100,000 cars could be operated for year on the oil that is required to make the plastic bottles each year.
  • Because they are single serving sizes and often purchased on the go, only 1 in 10 plastic water bottles is recycled.
  • You could save $500.00 a year by breaking the bottled water habit

I'm gonna filter water and use my new bottle. Sigg bottles are coated inside and resistant to fruit acids, alcohol, energy drinks and are taste/scent resistant so that your last drink doesn't affect the taste of your next drink...and they're bacteria resistant. That is SO important to me with my anxieties about bacteria and germs...and my phobias about eating or drinking something that has the taste of something else (unexpected, unknown...ie: Banana phobia issues).

So I treated myself to a little something nice this week. I deserve it! Might have to buy hubby one too!


M said...

Good for you, I will try to do the same because I have bought bottled water for years. However, I never buy anything that isn't marked Spring Water, because bottled water is not regulated in the same way our tap water is, so it can contain a whole bunch of crap and can even be regular tap water. But if it says Spring Water, it has to be Spring Water.

Apple said...

Cute bottle! I am a bottle-holic! Everytime I see another cute one at the store I have to buy it. My hubby thinks I am insane! ha ha

I know what you mean about tastes...the water that comes through our fridge tastes like PVC pipe because our house is still new. I am just waiting for the day that it doesn't. The water from the actual faucet doesn't anymore so there is still hope!! ha ha


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