The 70's Called. They Want Your Family Back!

I used to write witty newsy blog entries...long ago. Back when I had some semblance of a life...lol.

Now, I usually don't have enough time....and/or nothing much interesting happens (unless you count toxic-poopy diapers, finding crusty-baby-flung-food in the weirdest places -- on the overhead light fixtures, the dog's ear, the underside of the table, or playing "what's he hiding in his mouth now" or "What's that Thud?")

So I have decided, I'm gonna just gonna make random short little posts with random photos, observations...anecdotes, questions to ponder/debate, whatever. Whenever I can. And hope Both all my readers will still come around....

So Today....Isaac and I went to the mall to hang out in the play area and do lunch. I could kick myself for not getting a photo...but I saw Miss March...(Yeah, Miss March, 1970-something...with skin tight Peg Bundy/Frederick's bustier & stretch pants, bleached hair....trying to look 22 still...ugggh!) with her twin 5 year old boys...on leashes. They were so cute with their matching Mullets and little bubba boots. Every head in the mall turned, every eyebrow raised, as they cruised on by. It looked like Peg Bundy out walking her twin Pet Joe Dirt kids... lol. The 70's called....they want your family back!

Not the one of actual children...(Photo "borrowed from the 'net). Imagine two, identical...

Next time I'm gonna get photo proof!

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