Beach Countdown: 36 Days

The Countdown begins!

I didn't think we'd get a 'real' vacation this year....since Korea was our big BIG trip for 2009...


Hubby has a trade show to attend for 2 days in Tampa, Florida...and was able to finagle the use of some hotel points and airmiles...and get us a little family beach vacay!! Woohoo!

It'll be a short trip...we'll fly out and spend 2 and a half days relaxing at Clearwater Beach...(my beach...the one my fam went to every year for like 15 years...the one that began my obsession, lol) But then we'll head over to Tampa for the other two days, and while Mr. Hottie works, Isaac and I will have some pool time, and maybe head over to the Tampa aquarium and check out the sea creatures.

It'll be short and oh so sweet...And October is hurricane season (Crossing my fingers!) but I think it will do me a world of good. So Mr. Hottie is the Man of the Year as far as I'm concerned...What a rockstar he really is!!

It will be fun to see Isaac experience his first beach!! I am curious how he will do on the plane...it'll be his first plane ride since the 13 hour flight home from Korea. I wonder if something like that can dredge up alot of emotions and memories of leaving his foster mom? Hmm. He's so inquisitive, he'll probably be checking out everything, everyone, disassembling the seats, working all the buttons, etc. lol.

Ahhhh!! I can almost smell that salty sweet air....feel that ocean breeze....and taste the Post Corner Pizza! MMM!

Ps...when picking tag labels for this post...couldn't help but include an "I Hate Snow"....hehehe!


Apple said...

Yay!!! I am so happy for you!! :) Soak up some salty air for me!

Butch and Tracy said...

take me please!!!

Monogram Queen said...

So glad you have some beach time coming up... i'd like to get a smidge more in before it turns too cool. Take lots of pics!


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