Take Me Away...

Where'd the summer go? One moment it was 80 degrees and humid...and POOF it's suddenly Autum almost over night -- daytime highs in the 60's (50 today! Brr) and 40's during the night.

10 Days till we leave for Florida! I am hoping/praying that the weather there will cooperate and it won't be raining every day (that's a chance you take, going to the beach during hurricane season!) Can't wait to see those palm trees!

Hubby is in India until Friday. He says it's 100+ degrees there right now. Whew! I'm sweating thinking about it!

Isaac has decided this week that it's time to start climbing on the coffee table, scaling the furniture, stacking toys and climbing on them to get to stuff...jumping/falling off....your basic stunt-kid daredevil stuff. YIKES!

Adding to the fun--Isaac has been cutting 4 teeth and having a tough time with it. The entire house and everyone/everything in it is soggy with drool...(I can't wait till this kid has all his teeth!!! Omg I dread the molar cutting stage!!)

Good timing---We are going to Gymboree tomorrow for a free class, to check it out. If he enjoys it, we're gonna sign up for a month or so, and see how it goes.

Next week is going to be a busy week! Monday is the library program, Tuesday is Isaac's adoption finalization court date...then later that day, he has his 15 month check up at the pediatrician. Wednesday will be Gymboree, if we decide to keep going...then Thursday will be scramble day---laundry, cleaning, packing, dropping Lucie off at the kennel....and Friday we will get up in the wee hours to get to the airport for an early 8am flight! Yikes!!! I'm gonna need that beach!! (and maybe a nice tropical drink with an umbrella!!!)

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Monogram Queen said...

Just keep the beach in mind and all will be well..... i'm looking forward to even cooler temps. We are still seeing the 80's and I have NO I repeat NO desire to ever go to India. Ugh.


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