Ahhh Some Beach....

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*Dreamy Sigh* The beach was fabulous, my friends. We were only there a couple days, but it was quite lovely. The weather was beautiful. We had a wonderful time. It was so incredible watching Isaac's beautiful eyes filled with wonder and joy, as he chased sea gulls, ran and played in the surf and sand. We strolled along the boardwalk and pier at night and enjoyed dining on the patio by our hotel and listening to music. It was a lovely couple of days.

(Isaac examining shells)

(The pool area of our hotel in Clearwater)

(Little Feet strolling on my fave beach...)

When we got to Tampa, for hubby's trade show, my back went out...I suffered a sudden severe spasm in my lower right lumbar area, and literally almost fell out of the taxi that Isaac and I took to the aquarium. I could barely stand upright, or even breathe for a bit, it was so excrutiating...but I got myself together and hobbled as best I could into the aquarium and slowly walked around for about 40-90 minutes. I was determined to do this for Isaac, as he LOVES fish and water. It got too be too painful however, so finally I text'd hubby to come get us. He came by cab and brought us back to the hotel.

That afternoon I spent several hours waiting to see a doctor at an urgent care facility. He said it was a severe spasming lumbar injury. They gave me a shot in the hip of pain medication hoping that would help (it hardly did anything, that's how bad it was) - then an Rx for vicodin and muscle relaxers and orders to get heat patches. So I spent the last 2 days of our trip resting in the hotel room, on pain pills, with the hotel room baby-proofed as best we could manage.

The flight home was kinda hectic...Isaac was pretty fussy, as he couldn't find a way to get comfortable, and couldn't nap. It was a shock to the system too, after being in 80-90 degree weather in Florida, to return to 40's and clouds in Chicago. BRRRR! But we were kinda relieved to be home, and get back into our routine here. I really do miss the palm trees, and the beach.

I think it definitely takes more than 2-3 days to REALLY "get my beach on"....so hopefully we'll get to go back to the beach again soon....

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