Dinosaurs! Dentists! Baptism! Oh My!

(My mums look horrible! The frost and lack of water got 'em!)

Halloween came and went very fast.....and it hasn't snowed yet (frantically knocking on wood!). This was the snowy scene out my back door 3 years ago (CLICK HERE)

Isaac really enjoyed himself. He loved dressing in his little dinosaur costume, and seeing all the other kids out on the town square. We took him out for dinner and to a local coffee shop after, for warm drinks and karaoke. He really got a kick out of his Daddy singing. I didn't get to sing, because I've been recovering from a bad cold and my voice was a bit froggy.

We survived Isaac's first dental appointment this week. He's only 16 months, so it was pretty tame. They just examined and counted his teeth. No Xrays yet, or cleaning. He has some crowding in the lower front baby teeth, so they are predicting he'll have the same issue with permanent teeth and need early braces. That doesn't surprise me.

We have been asked by our adoption agency to come speak at a parenting class on Nov. 14th. This is the same parenting class we took last year when we were waiting to adopt. They have a panel of a few families with their adopted children sit in front of the class and speak about the process, the journey traveling to the country, and the transition upon returning home, etc. We will also field questions from the audience and pass our photo album of our trip to Seoul. I am honored to be asked to do this, and think it is a great example of stewardship and community to share with Isaac and the other families. It will be wonderful to meet more familes embarking on the journey of adoption. November is National Adoption Awareness Month. Check it out.

November 15th will be a big day for us -- Isaac will be baptised, and Hubby and I will be confirmed & received into the Episcopal church. Not one member of our family is able to travel to join us in celebrating this joyful day. We have chosen two very kind, gracious people at church to stand up as sponsors on Isaac's behalf.

We are looking forward to traveling to Cincinnati for the Thanksgiving holiday to see our family. I am hoping that everyone comes to my parents' house for dinner...(brother, sister and their families)...no drama, excuses to avoid coming, or meltdowns...just come together for a family meal.

Can't believe the holidays are almost upon us...and the year will soon be a memory. Where did it all go so fast?


sincerelykate.wordpress.com said...

love the pics!

and congrats and good luck on the baptism. that's awesome. though i have to say, that i'm not very happy with your family right now. they need to make more of an effort for these milestone events. i hope i'm not speaking out of turn. xoxo.

Monogram Queen said...

Precious litte dinosaur!!! Sounds like things are going well for you. We are Episcopal too! We attend St. Matthews in Darlington, SC. Peace and Blessings during your most special and sacred time!


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