Survived the Weekend!

As I prepare to write a post, I'm thinking to myself, here goes, for my 1 remaining reader, if I still have one. This blog is still my journal of sorts, so I continue on. I do miss having readers visit my blog, comment, email, etc. I know part of it is because of Facebook, partly because I have less time to visit other's blogs...and well, because I guess my posts are few, far between and not very exciting....Oh Well, at least I enjoy it.

Well, we survived the weekend.

Despite that my father in law woke us every day at about 4:30-5:00am, and that I spent the weekend constantly cleaning the steady stream of dishes and crumbs as they ate sandwiches and drank tea all hours of the day, we still managed to enjoy our speaking engagement Saturday at the adoption agency's parenting class, dinner out with Isaac's baptismal sponsors Saturday night, and a wonderful baptism Sunday at church.

I could kick myself for not having someone video tape the Baptism. Isaac actually enjoyed having the water poured over his head, and the Bishop let him playfully splash in the bapstimal font. It was precious! Two people did take alot of photos...I am just waiting to receive them, so I can post to my adoption blog and print copies for family and the Lifebook/scrapbook that I "plan on working on...someday"....lol (It's all piled on my desk, gathering dust for now, waiting for when we are snowed in or something...)

I finally finished the 4 extra loads of laundry yesterday, and finished cleaning/disinfecting the guest room and guest bath (M.I.L. has bad psorriasis in her scalp..and sheds skin.*shudder* need I say more?! It almost pushes me over the edge, I am SO phobic of this.)

Anyhoo....I got a call again today about going back to work. I called and found out the daycare/school will have an opening at the beginning of December. So, depending on how things work out on their end, I may be going back to work 2-3 days in the next 30-60 days.....we shall see how it all unfolds. It really depends on their negotiations on hours with my favorite ex-co-worker *said with a snarky smirk*....Should be interesting to see how this plays out. I am not stressing over it---I'm leaving it in God's hands. If it's meant to be, it will be. If not...Whatever.


Michelle said...

I'm still here and reading. I know I haven't been commenting lately. Sorry about that.

The visit with your inlaws sounded horrific on Twitter. So glad that is over for you!

Celeste and Tom said...

I enjoy reading both of your blogs and if you look at mine you can see I am woefully behind! (Not to mention that the camera is borke) I hope the work situation works out for you as it is nice to get some adult time. (I wish there was a good part time job for me at times.) I have chosen blog viewing over facebook. Celeste


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