Whirlwind Holidays & Zombies! Oh My!

Thanksgiving came and went very fast! We traveled to Cincinnati Wednesday, to stay just a couple days and visit my family, and came back home on Saturday.

It didn't really seem like Thanksgiving...my mom only did turkey breasts - not a whole turkey this year...and there wasn't any leftover. It was all about the side dishes though...lol. My sister was casserole queen---sweet potato casserole, hashbrown casserole, cornbread casserole, and my SIL made 5 hour salad...there were so many other dishes, and pies...So we still had quite the feast!

We didn't go shopping on Black Friday - my parents really didn't want to be out in the crowds...so we went to lunch at one of my fave places back home, and just relaxed. We've already bought all of Isaac's presents so we're pretty much set. We're only doing stockings for each other this year, and I took advantage of Cyber Monday deals today and took care of that :-)

Isaac has caught his first major cold since coming home almost 8 months ago---All thanks to this woman in our library class---she brought her sick twin boys to class last Monday. They were obviously sick, and never once did she stop them from coughing and sneezing all over everyone, or touching all the toys and other kids. I was SO mad! I kept moving Isaac and myself away from them in the class, but everytime I looked, there they were. I can't believe the teacher said nothing to her! You better bet I am going to say something when we return to class next week, if Isaac is well enough to go then!!

Anyway, now Isaac has a very bad runny/stuffy nose, and now has chest congestion and a cough, a very slight fever off and on, and is very cranky! We were up all night last night with him. Zzzzz!! I feel like Zombie Girl again! Zombie Girl and her Poor Zombie Baby...we have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. Ugh I know I'm gonna drag him all the way over there, and they probably won't do anything, since they can't give a 17 month old cold meds. Hubby's gone for a couple days...he sent me a message saying he also has caught this cold and is miserable. I haven't fully caught it yet...and am praying I don't. I am washing my hands incessantly, and using sanitizer, and moisturizer. Am gonna lysol-bomb the house when we leave for the doctor! LOL.

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