Yummy Friday Baking...

I love how a 55 cent little box of Jiffy can bring me the cutest, sweetest smiles!

Isaac was 'helping mommy' dismantel clean up the kitchen after breakfast, and we decided to use up our last Jiffy mix, and some tart granny smith applesauce and make some cookies.

I got a little recipe book from the kind folks at Jiffy (Chelsea Milling Company) awhile back so I decided to check it out and see what I could do with the oatmeal muffin mix. Aha! A super simple cookie recipe...

This was a super fast, simple, nutritious snack that Isaac and I could whip up together. I let him 'help' stir the mix and he got such a kick out of helping! The tart granny smith applesauce really made them delicious! (You could probably add a bit more gooey goodness to it if you had a few caramels lying around....but then the cookies wouldn't be quite so healthy anymore...lol)

Hey...I just realized this is the 2nd post I've made about Jiffy mixes....too bad those folks at Chelsea Milling don't see this...maybe they'd help me get some of that lovely retro frosting mix of theirs, that our stores never carry! I wouldn't be opposed at baking & posting other items from their fine line of products...if I was sent a nice big box of mixes....Hint Hint...(lol)

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